Phantom LED Framing Projector

Phantom LED Framing Projector

Phantom LED Framing Projectors can be used to accent art and provide art lighting designers and consultants with a variety of LED Framing Projector options. These fully adjustable framing projectors use light masking shutters and optical lenses to focus light on the art contour.

Phantom LED Framing Projector

This LED Art Light offers the best final adjustment control, with light that follows the contours of art. For maximum impact, Fine LED Art Lighting illuminates art using a narrow beam of light that follows the contour of the art. Adjusting shutters allows the LED light to be framed so that it follows the contours of paintings. The shutters can be locked independently to ensure that the shape of the light is always in line with the art. Installation of the Phantom Lighting Shutter Framing Projector does not require an art lighting specialist.

To ensure that art colors are enhanced, our LED light chips were tested on artwork.

To drive an efficient Compact Primary Optic System, our Lighting Modules utilize high-efficacy LED Chips. The LED Framing Projector Lens System produces a uniform, high-lumen output light. The Compact Optical LED Art Lights have been voted the best choice in art lighting specifications.

The Phantom Lighting LED Framing projectors have variable optics that can illuminate art from any distance or size.

The Light Mask Kit can be used to shape light into any form. It is also useful for following non-rectilinear art. Field cutting of a brass shim is required for the light mask kit. Fade In replaces the requirement for a precise cut light mask. It blends the light edge with a feathered, low-intensity perimeter. This gradually intensifies to brighten LED Art Illumination.

Phantom Lighting’s patented Phantom Lighting LED Optical Contour framing projectors offer the most advanced projectors. Phantom LED Framing Projectors simplify and clear away the complexity of framing projector installations that are easy to do by qualified electricians.

The Wendel projector used to be the gold standard in fine art lighting for many years. But that is no longer the case. The Phantom LED Framing Projector incorporates the latest developments in lamp technology and optics. The result is a more compact, efficient and cost-effective optical framing projector that runs cooler. Lighting and design professionals have made the Phantom Contour Projector their preferred projector. The Phantom(tm), Contour Projector is preferred by engineers and lighting designers as well as clients who are discerning. It looks great, requires little training and produces world-class results.

Picture a place where fine art seems to live, paintings seem to jump off walls and pictures glow from the inside. Imagine sculptures suspended in space and lit by an invisible source of light. Think of lighting that gives life to statues and canvases. Imagine creating such an environment in your own home, office gallery, museum, or gallery. Phantom LED Framing Projector does exactly that!