Library shelf book lighting is often very different from display and cabinet lighting. Private libraries tend to feature shelving units that are much taller than collectible displays and storage cabinets. They also tend to be highly decorative in nature to better showcase collections of books. Only the finest woods, staining techniques, and finishing methods are used in their construction.

Shelves must be easy to adjust, because different groupings of books may feature different spine lengths that require library shelving heights to be adjusted to their dimensions. Lighting such an environment effectively requires a shelf lighting strip that will compliment the aesthetics of the bookshelf and facilitate unencumbered repositioning of shelves at will.


Mill workers can more easily achieve these objectives with library shelf lights that are built into the bookshelves at the time of construction. Attempting to retrofit fixtures to a cabinet that has already been constructed seldom generates satisfactory results. Finding a fixture that will precisely match the dimensions of custom library display bookshelf often proves a time-consuming challenge. Even if such a match is located, lights and wiring are also difficult to conceal, and the value of the presentation is diminished as a result.

Phantom library shelf lighting fixtures are engineered in anticipation of all these concerns and provide a flexible alternative to the cumbersome challenges of forcing a generic fixture fit on a high-end cabinet build out. These cabinet lighting systems are built to the exact dimensions of each library shelf and are powered by wireless technology built into the bookshelves themselves. Rather than requiring our clients to devise time-consuming and awkward strategies for concealing long wire runs, we use buss bars that are installed in the vertical walls of the cabinet to deliver power to the strip lights. Each buss bar is cut to match the vertical height of the bookcase on either side and is made with multiple screw holes that allow metal shelf supports to be mounted at any desired height. Contact pads affixed to the under surface of each shelf complete the circuit when the shelf is laid on top of the supports.

Because our library shelf lighting solutions feature a low-profile design that operates on an adjustable, wireless platform, the aesthetic results our fixtures can produce are far superior to competing, generic cabinet lighting fixtures. The fixtures are small enough to be concealed behind shelf reveals, providing a hidden light source that emanates light downward and backward over book spines. They are also completely dimmable, allowing collectors to raise lighting levels to search for books, and then reduce illumination when low-level, decorative lighting is desired.

Phantom library shelf lighting can be ordered in a variety of color temperatures that compliment a wide range of wood types and finishes. Our patent-pending festoon lamp design enables us to replicate the quality of xenon lighting with LED 2800K lamp technology that is much safer than incandescent technology when it comes to lighting old and rare books. As a light source the outputs no heat and no ultraviolet radiation, an LED lamp can be left on indefinitely with minimal power consumption and no risk of damaging book collections.

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