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As a specialty LED lamp manufacturer, Phantom is a solution source not only for designers, but also for other strip lighting manufacturers. Our patented LED lamps are engineered to fit both our own linear lighting strips and the linear lighting fixture of other manufacturers.

This makes them ideal retrofits for those seeking to reduce wattage per square foot requirements necessary for obtaining LEEDS certification.


We also manufacture LED light bulbs with client convenience foremost in mind. Unlike competing models that require DC power inverters for retrofit applications, all of our LED lamps are operable on standard 12VAC magnetic transformers. Best of all, Phantom manufactures LED lamps that rival the lumens output and physical dimensions of industry standard incandescent and xenon lamps. This allows them to function as replacements that reduce power while preserving color rendering, lighting levels, and glare free ambient lighting effects.

Don’t LED lamps output fewer lumens than incandescent or Xenon lamps?

Most “industry standard” lamps do indeed output lower levels of light. However, Phantom stands unique among LED lamp manufacturers, offering a patented line of festoons designed to rival the output of traditional bulb technologies.

The difference lies in both the bulbs utilized and in how they are installed in the lamping module.

Most LED low voltage lighting manufacturers design festoon lamps that consist of either 5mm, or “toppled” LED’s. This results in a lower level of output than traditional technologies are able to produce. As a general rule, these lamps only produce 1 to 1.5 lumens of output.

This limits the retrofitting capabilities of most LED festoons to only the lowest ambient lighting applications and renders them ineffective for high-end display and showcase lighting where greater visibility is required.

Phantom LED lamps, on the other hand, uses commercial quality bulbs graded rated at the highest level of industry excellence.

These accent lighting tools are designed into a patented lamping design found only through Phantom Lighting.

Each Phantom lamp consists of three-½ watt LED bulbs with tight color binning and a color rendering index rating of approximately 80. The close proximity of highly rated commercial bulbs within the festoon housing results in a total output of 50 lumens. This level of light is equivalent to that of a 7-watt incandescent bulb, making it an ideal replacement for any existing xenon low voltage lighting.

The lamp itself is extremely compact, intended to mirror the size and dimensions of incandescent equivalents. A Phantom LED measures only 1-11/16” in overall length, 9/16” in width and 3/8” in depth.

Can Phantom LED Lamps help my company achieve LEED certification?

Yes. Phantom lamps can help you reduce your wattage per square foot. This is a perfect energy saving LED lighting product that is a major factor in obtaining a LEED certification.

We manufacture our LED lamps with such precision that they produce only trace levels of forward throw heat and minimal wattage per foot. Although the Phantom LED lamp is equivalent in lumens output to a 7-watt incandescent bulb, it only radiates the equivalent of a 1-watt light bulb in heat. Normal operating temperatures will range between –40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The quantum efficiency of our festoons is actually superior to that of incandescents and xenon, and further power savings can be achieved with the use of dimmer switches. You don’t even have to replace your existing low voltage cabinet lighting strips to achieve this power reduction. Provided the strips operate on 12VAC magnetic transformers, the lamps can simply snap into places previously held by less energy efficient festoons.

How do Phantom LED lamps rate on the aesthetic end of the spectrum?

Simply among the best. Phantom lighting strips are technically classified as luxury lighting items, having originally been conceived by our engineers as an aesthetic alternative to visible fixtures and wiring that detract from showcases, cove lighting, displays, and decorative cabinets.

We have always combined our vision of aesthetics, though, with practicality, which accounts for our leadership position as one of the most cost-effective manufacturers of energy saving LED festoon lamps.

Our festoons are available in a broad spectrum of color temperatures that include, but are not limited to, Warm White 2950K, 3500K, 5000K and Daylight 6500K. Colored LED lamps are also available in the standard LED colors, Red, Blue, and Green. Specific lumens output for the 2950K PHANTOM LED LAMP is 42 lumens, 45 lumens for 3500K, and roughly 50 lumens for the 5000K and 6500K lamps.

This allows the Phantom festoon virtually unlimited versatility in a very wide range of residential and commercial linear strip under cabinet lighting applications.

Illumination, like no other design element, is something that people are drawn to, and with measured use of it, a home or business owner can evoke any feeling they want in a space. Let the professional lighting designers at Phantom help craft the perfect mood lighting for your home, office, or business by calling toll-free at 800-863-1184 or requesting a quote using our online form. Or if you prefer, sign up for our monthly newsletter and we will keep you up-to-date on new product launches, resources, and more.

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