If a homeowner wants to update the way their kitchen looks, under cabinet lights are a natural choice for the job. The technology offers both form and function, and in many instances, it can replace exposed fixtures as the primary source of illumination.Homeowners need the right fixtures if they want to get the most from a system, though, and in almost every instance, this means creating a system with LED strip fixtures.


In the kitchen, under cabinet lights can add a great deal of color and warmth, making the room feel more inviting and more thought out. It’s important, though, that the LED strips are concealed from view, as the effect will be lost if they are exposed. This is why Phantom’s LED strips are made with an ultra-compact build that makes concealment easy. And the strips are designed to be paired with Phantom’s aiming trims, which ensure concealment and can be installed when there is no existing spot to hide the fixtures.

Concealment is necessary because these fixtures are usually installed at eye level. Of course, because they are at eye level, they can be just as functional as aesthetically pleasing. The strips produce focused illumination along countertops, which makes tasks like food preparation easier to perform. This is in addition to making the room look better, feel better, and function better.