To be considered among the best under cabinet lights, a fixture has to stand out among the dozens of competitors out there. These types of fixtures have been around for decades, but have always relied on inefficient technology, forcing homeowners to throw away money every year for no good reason.

When done right, this type of illumination is the perfect way to set a peaceful mood in the kitchen or a work area. It is meant to gently wash over countertops, adding to the rich color mosaic that embodies the heart of the home.

What Are The Best Under Cabinet Lights?

Who produces the best under cabinet lights on the market?

Phantom has perfected the design for these fixtures, making them as compact as possible without subtracting from their beauty. It may not seem like a big deal, but a compact design is important for keeping the fixtures out of sight. Wiring and fixture housings are an eyesore and shouldn’t be visible with a premium fixture.

Phantom’s fixtures are available in a few different varieties, but most use superior LED technology to produce efficient, safe illumination. LEDs have only recently been perfected for home illumination, but they are already much more efficient than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. LED bulbs are also safer because they don’t emit much heat at all, which means they can be left on without fear of starting a fire.

How these fixtures are installed, though, is what really makes them the best under cabinet lights on the market. Because they are formed into strips, these fixtures can be cut to any length. Phantom takes advantage of this by cutting each fixture to the exact length of each installation. The installer provides Phantom with the measurements and Phantom will produce them to fit. Phantom also uses LED bulbs provided by a single supplier, so each fixture is consistent in its performance. This, along with Phantom’s aiming trims, will ensure the perfect spread of illumination.

This is important because if the spread is too tight, it will look like a spotlight. If it’s too spread out, there won’t be enough illumination to make any effect. If it’s not aimed right, it may bounce a glare off of the countertop, which will only serve to annoy people.

The one thing that sets Phantom’s fixtures apart from the rest is intelligent design. Everything from how the fixture is installed to how it looks when switched on is made with the homeowner in mind.