Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs can be found in venues around the world, including some of the most esteemed destinations in America. One of these venues, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, installed 800 of these fixtures to bring their illumination system into the modern age.

The Coppola Winery was in need of a new illumination setup as their existing fixtures were wasting too much power and generating too much heat. With Phantom’s help, the Coppola Winery was able to increase the efficiency of its illumination setup, which continues to save money for the venue, and improve the look of the winery.

Why Choose LED Festoon Light Bulbs For Venue Lighting?

Why are Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs the best choice for a venue?

Phantom’s diode fixtures are designed for new and existing installations, as it can easily replace incandescent or xenon systems. For venues like the Coppola Winery, where there are already hundreds of incandescent and xenon fixtures in place, ripping everything out and putting in new infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive. Phantom’s diode fixtures integrate perfectly into incandescent and xenon systems because they do not require DC inverters and can work with the existing transformers and dimmers. These benefits make Phantom’s diode fixtures an economical option compared to competing systems.

Phantom’s diode fixtures are also easily installed and typically don’t need the assistance of a professional to install, so it can be done quickly. The Coppola Winery was able to place its 800 diode fixtures on its own, making for a swift transition.

This technology is also highly customizable and can be designed to output a range of color temperatures. They can produce the warmer tones that people look for in incandescent fixtures, neutral white and even slightly cool hues if that is desired. These fixtures can also be precisely controlled when attached to dimmer switches, which makes it easy to get the desired aesthetic from them. The Coppola Winery used this to great effect, installing the fixtures in many places, including inside cabinets and around coves.

How is diode technology superior to other forms of illumination?

Because Phantom’s LED festoon light bulbs use diodes to create illumination, they are extremely efficient and safe compared to incandescent and xenon fixtures. Phantom’s diode fixtures are efficient even when compared to competing diode fixtures, requiring only 0.6 watts of power per lamp. Each fixture produces 40 to 50 lumens, so this premium watt to lumen ratio means a venue can get the biggest bang for the buck.

Diode technology is also safe, in part because it is efficient. Because each fixture uses most of its power on creating illumination, very little heat is generated. At the Coppola Winery, excess heat was a major problem, creating a safety hazard and stressing its climate control systems. Phantom’s diode fixtures are much safer in comparison and can be left on for longer without fear of causing a fire or wasting too much energy. With its ease of use and excellent efficiency, more venues, including the distinguished Coppola Winery, are switching over to Phantom’s diode fixtures.

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