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In spite of the superior decorative appeal and lighting control that newer forms of under cabinet lights offer, fluorescent bulbs to this day remain the very best sources of light in work areas where very bright light is needed for maximum productivity and safety.

They offer a unique combination of high light output levels and relatively low electrical consumption. As such, they are very cost effective for industrial clients operating on a tight budget.

Most factories are very large and are lit by large overhead metal halide or fluorescent lights provided by commercial lighting manufacturers. The height of the ceiling and the cubic square footage of the facility (known as the vertical cube) have a tendency to diminishing even the brightest illumination as it comes down from the ceiling. The higher the ceiling, the dimmer the light tends to be. Also, higher ceilings also allow more opportunity for obstructions to block light altogether in certain parts of the room.

Any piece of equipment, rafter, or storage rack can cast shadows over assembly lines and highly skilled work areas. This creates more than an annoyance—it creates a work hazard and potential liability for the company.

Because these areas often contain storage cabinets above workspace, installing fluorescent under cabinet lights offsets diminished and blocked overhead lighting and allows workers to see clearly without hurting themselves or making mistakes.

Does Phantom Make Fluorescent Strip Lights?

No, but as a conscientious lighting manufacturer with a strong emphasis on consulting, we always seek to educate our clients in what their best options are. Generally, we tend to steer people away from using fluorescent under cabinet display lighting in kitchens within the home. Other types lamps provide a more aesthetically balanced and comfortable level of light that blends better with kitchen, living room, fine art, and bathroom lighting design.

However, homes are not the only places where you find kitchens and kitchenettes. Construction trailers, factories, warehouses, RV’s, camping trailers, and modular buildings often use food preparation areas to provide people in these facilities with the option of dining in and saving money. Many such kitchens, although in small buildings, have a high level of sunlight coming in through large windows that can cast shadows over counter tops. Fluorescent under cabinet lights are ideal for settings such as this because their higher lumens output overcomes shadows very effectively and also blends well with the natural brilliance of sunlight.

Are there any places residential environments where fluorescent under the cabinet lights still offer better lighting?

Yes. In tool sheds and work benches on porches where overhead cabinets contain tools or raw materials, placing a puck light, low voltage festoon light or linear fluorescent strip above the bench is the best way to clearly illuminate the surface of the work area…especially when working with power tools at dusk, in shaded areas, and especially after sunset.

Under cabinet fluorescent fixtures also work very well in laundry rooms and utility rooms where decorum is not an issue, and when activity within the room may occur at any hour of the day or night.

Is there any decorative use for fluorescent under the cabinet lighting?

Jewelry stores often use showcase lighting for diamonds and other gemstones in glass cases lit bit specialty under cabinet fluorescent lighting. This helps merchandise the jewelry more effectively by causing it to sparkle.

Too much sparkle, however, can create glare, which is why many stores are now choosing to use Phantom LED display lighting, which uses even less power than fluorescent lamps and creates a glare free sparkle that also can be “colored” for special effects with different types of LED light bulbs.

Visit our lighting blog to read more about other lamping technologies that offer cabinet lighting levels complimentary to both task and function in areas that do not require fluorescent as an absolute must for clear visibility and safe activity.

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