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The main reason Phantom display lighting is so popular with design professionals is really quite simple – because it works! Phantom Lighting has been manufacturing custom cabinet lighting fixtures for over 20 years and has been a trusted collaborator of many top interior designers, architects, and homebuilders.

It’s efficient and functional – The concept of adjustable Phantom Lighting is to eliminate exposed wiring by using existing metal shelf standards or buss bars to conduct a safe low voltage current. A remote transformer transmits energy through the shelf standards, buss bars and mounting clips. A lighting fixture, fitted with festoon lamps, lead wires and a conducting plate, is affixed to each shelf. Once the shelf is in position, the circuit is complete and the lamps energized. The results are dramatic!

It’s discreet and beautiful – Design professionals understand the importance of aesthetics, another reason why so many of them have chosen to work with Phantom Lighting throughout the years. Our patented adjustable shelf lighting fixtures for bookcases, display cabinets and shelf systems are miniature, low profile and very effective. Imagine seeing each shelf in your library individually illuminated and being able to move each shelf anytime you want, without having to disconnect any wires. Our recessed lighting products are specifically designed so that the light source is completely hidden, therefore it won’t distract from a designer’s final vision. Our motto is “see the light, not the fixture” – Phantom Lighting is all about hiding the source so that only the results are visible.

In addition to our custom adjustable wiring methods, we have many other techniques and custom light trims for LED strip lighting. Over the years we have illuminated everything from antique furniture to custom cove lighting applications. Every Phantom fixture is hand crafted in our facility to your exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit every time. Phantom lighting offers truly flexible and unique fixture systems for display lighting and accent lighting!

Based in Houston, Phantom Lighting Systems, is devoted to transforming your surroundings into visual masterpieces through cutting-edge lighting solutions married with stunning design. We invite you to call us toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form for complimentary design assistance. Follow us on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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