When customers ask us which of our products can best highlight collectibles or illuminate hard to reach areas, we often point them to our under cabinet light solutions. These are in kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere where inconspicuous illumination is needed.

They are also especially useful in wall units and cabinets.  At Phantom Lighting, we have a commitment to provide superb service to customers that need creative illumination solutions.  Here are two ways that under cabinet light can solve these problems for our customers.

How Can An Under Cabinet Light Solve Lighting Problems?

Finding the Right Fit:

For many installers and contractors, it can be difficult to add illumination to custom-made cabinets. That is due to the mostly standardized lengths of strip lighting. Also, adding new strips to older cabinets can also cause issues.

However, we pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and custom pieces. These can save a customer hassles when updating an older home or working with difficult cabinet dimensions.  Planning for lighting is ideal, but if the customer wants to upgrade their current setup, we can create a custom solution.

Reducing Glare:

We make sure to address not only sizing issues, but also what kind of mood the illumination creates. Most builders and contractors use bulbs with frosted lenses in order to reduce glare and intensity. The issues with these are that they can create harsh glares on countertop materials such as marble or tile. In attempting to deal with this issue, some professionals even allow the under cabinet strips to become visible.

With Phantom Lighting products, there are lots of features we use to help fix these issues. These benefits include:

  • Metal shielding to even the distribution of illumination
  • Focus on technology that reduces all kinds of glare, direct or indirect
  • Discreet positioning to the front end of cabinets, reducing glare
  • Compact size that makes cabinet illumination nearly invisible

With the options we provide for, under cabinet light, every customer should be able to find just what they’re wanting.