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phome-lsWhat are wireless under cabinet light?

Most retail grade wireless under cabinet lights battery-powered strip lights strips that provide basic display lighting with unencumbered mobility. When decorators need to remove shelves for whatever reason, they can move the shelves with the light fixtures still attached without breaking a circuit or damaging the equipment. The drawback to using battery-operated wireless cabinet lights is you don’t get the best quality lighting. These lights typically feature only one or two light settings, and they often fail to render details and patterns beyond basic, primary colors.

To go beyond these basics, you have to use commercial grade wireless under cabinet light fixtures designed for specific types of display shelving and adjustable display cases.

Do all linear strips utilize wireless technology?

Custom linear lighting strips are abundant in the lighting industry, so the linear strip itself is not the golden goose of lighting per se. To give the level of quality and flexibility that eclectic display lighting requires, the basic linear strip design had to be modified to some extent. The first thing that had to be changed was the size of the transformer itself. Many shelf lights operate off low voltage transformers that offer the end user considerable savings on energy. However, these transformers were bulky and difficult to conceal. If the transformer could be made smaller, and reduced to a size that allows it to be placed in a concealed location behind the cabinet, then the overall size of the strip lighting fixture could then be reduced to create a truly unique and flexible source of wireless under cabinet and display cabinet lighting.

This is exactly how Phantom linear strips were designed. Engineered to operate with low voltage transformers that hide themselves from normal viewing angles, Phantom wireless under the cabinet lights are slimmer than most standard linear fixtures and use existing metal shelf standards to power festoon lamps, thus eliminating the need for traditional wires and concealing their presence in the process.

What applications can Phantom Wireless Cabinet Lights be used for?

Phantom Lighting low voltage linear lighting strips work for any types of custom cabinet, display and task lighting applications. The most popular wireless cabinet light strips made by this unique Houston cabinet lighting manufacturer are the AE Series strip lighting (Adjustable wireless display lighting for remodel applications) and AC Series strip lighting (Adjustable wireless under shelf lights for new applications) series models. The AE series is mostly used in remodel and new model display lighting where exposed metal shelf supports are desirable. The AC series is mostly used in new shelving projects where the metal shelf supports are completely concealed. Both of these fixtures can be used as either wireless cabinet or under the shelf cabinet lights depending on the type of display case you intend to illuminate.

Are these lights made for home or commercial use?

Actually, they work equally well in both environments. Phantom wireless xenon cabinet lighting fixtures can light any home or office display cabinet when superior lighting effects and controllable light sourcing is needed. Because these are low voltage devices fitted with dimmers, any desired lighting level can be conveniently set by the user. Every wireless cabinet light is custom cut to the exact dimensions of the display case in order to ensure a seamless fit and presence that is invisible to normal angles of view. These xenon low voltage strips lights are ideal for bookshelves in private libraries, trophy cases in the living room, office award displays, retail displays, and collectible cases of any kind.

Again, customization is the key to getting the most out of these wireless cabinet lights. You can have them fitted with your choices of incandescent, xenon, or LED festoon lamps in order to achieve optimal color rendering and ambient lighting effects appropriate to display contents. As a leading undercabinet lighting manufacturer, we are glad to custom fabricate lighting for all types of custom and antique furniture. Our LED replacement festoon lamps operate at 12 volts and are designed as a direct replacement for incandescent and xenon lamps.

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