Strip-Seven-742266What is xenon under cabinet lighting?

Xenon under cabinet lights is technically a form of incandescent lighting, although they are classified separately because they utilize a specific type of gas—xenon—to produce a superior level of light.

Xenon under cabinet lights have an uncanny ability to render color with exquisite detail. They bring out the richness and depth of warm colors, and they make for an ideal lamping option for any under cabinet lighting application that requires a blend of task and decorative appeal.

Xenon in cabinet lighting has become very popular due to the increasingly sophisticated detail we find in rooms that feature cabinets. The custom home industry has enlarged traditionally smaller and exclusively functional rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms into spacious, more heavily decorated areas.

Marble and granite counter tops have consequently become very popular, and nothing renders the depths of dark blues and reds underneath a cabinet quite like xenon light.

Are incandescent lights equally effective?

In some settings, they are. The key is the “warmth” of the color scheme.

Incandescents produce a steady distribution of very whit light and work very well when lighting cool color schemes such as white or off white counter tops. They are also very good for small kitchens and bathrooms

Don’t incandescents and xenons use a lot of electricity?

Not if they are configured on a low voltage strip lighting fixture.

Incandescent technology became very cost effective when low voltage transformers replaced the magnetic ballasts of previous fluorescent housings, rendering a 120V lamp a 12V power saving device.

Low voltage lighting systems can also help extend incandescent bulb type up to 7,500 hours, minimizing replacement costs as well as electrical costs.

Is halogen under cabinet lighting better than xenon?

It is not a question of better so much as it is a matter of what is appropriate to the environment. Halogens under cabinet lights, like xenon, are very powerful and produce very good color rendering.

They burn extremely hot, however, and they have a much shorter bulb life—only 2,000 hours maximum.

They work best in small, ornately decorated kitchens and bathrooms because they produce excellent decorative lighting that is also very bright. The lights are never on for very long, but when they are, they make wallpaper and decorations stand out and provide clear visibility for guests.

Do under cabinet lighting manufacturers still make fluorescent fixtures along with xenon, incandescent, and halogen?

Yes. Fluorescents will probably never completely disappear. They still have their place in the industrial world today, but over the years, newer and more efficient technologies have replaced them in more aesthetically conscious environments.

The greatest contribution fluorescents have made to under has been in terms of physical design. The original fluorescent task lights served as the prototype for today’s linear strip lights.

However, physically housing a transformer within the unit itself resulted in a bulkier unit that could only fit under the back of the cabinet and throw the light forward.

The Latest and Greatest is found at Phantom

Over the years, low voltage strip lighting manufacturers such as Phantom developed technology that allowed them to remove the low voltage transformer from the unit housing to a concealed, remote location.

Under cabinet xenon, incandescent, and led strip lights can now be installed at the front of the cabinet, throwing the light backward away from the eyes and creating an evenly distributed “wash” of light over counter tops and appliances.

Phantom engineering completely conceals all visible wiring and creates the appearance of sourceless light.

Xenon low voltage under cabinet lighting strips by Phantom are some of the most advanced and streamlined accent lighting tools on today’s market. Custom-manufactured to exact cabinet dimensions, Phantom linear strips remain hidden from normal viewing angles and provide superior light distribution and glare reduction through patented lamping designs and glare shields found nowhere else in the world.

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