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What is the most popular use for xenon linear lights?
The most popular use for these high-end fixtures is under cabinet lighting. Xenon’s ability to render both cool and warm colors equally well makes it ideal for lighting surfaces with more than complex color patterns. Incandescent lighting also has a high CRI (color rendering index) when it comes to lighting cool colors such as white or off white counter tops. However, for the deep blues and reds commonly seen in today’s marble and granite counter tops, a more robust source of lighting like that produced by xenon festoons is preferable. Both granite and marble are hard composite stones with multiple layers of vibrantly colored minerals embedded in their substance. Xenon linear strip lights produce light bright enough to clearly illuminate the many subtle shades and colors in the stone while at the same time adding something of a three-dimensional look to the counter top. By extending the “depth” of the stone’s surface, reflective glare is minimized, creating a more refined look appropriate to today’s larger, more elaborate custom kitchen and bathroom decor.

What do I need to look for when selecting fixtures?
It is important to keep certain considerations in mind when choosing xenon linear light fixtures. For one, find a fixture that offers not only advanced metal glare shielding, but also operates on low voltage with user-friendly dimmer controls. Especially when it comes to display cabinet lighting, dimmers are essential to adjusting the lighting levels in congruent balance with overhead kitchen lighting. Different occasions may call for different levels of light, and it will be necessary to turn the lights up and down to set the mood for different events and maintain to maintain symmetry and a sense of balanced aesthetic in the room.

But aren’t xenon linear light strips more expensive than fluorescent and incandescent lights?
Only in terms of front-end purchase cost. The return on investment they offer far outweighs the initial expenditure.

Are xenon linear lights only used for cabinet and under cabinet lighting?
Not necessarily.

While many manufacturers design xenon linear lights specifically for in cabinet and under cabinet lighting, Phantom strip lights are design for a multiplicity of applications and are capable of producing equally superior results in both commercial and residential applications. Phantom low voltage festoon lamps feature a special, patented design that conserves wattage and maximizes lumens output. This means they produce more light and consume less power, making them particularly cost effective for any commercial client on a budget.

The golden, ambient quality of xenon lighting works well to accentuate the rich colors of specialty fabric, fine jewelry, and even antique artifacts and rare documents in museum and public library displays.

On the home front, Phantom linear xenon festoons are a favorite choice among antique collectors with custom curio cabinets and ornate wooden display cases. They also make excellent bookshelf lights for the collector of special edition hardbacks and out of print books.

Phantom strip lights are designed as low-profile fixtures that blend so well into their surroundings that they are nearly invisible. For decorative and functional lighting needs, their unobtrusive presence allows for greater freedom of design, and their patented system of metal glare shields, wireless power transmission, and their fully dimmable power sourcing allow for any setting to be quickly made without risk of shock or damage to equipment.

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