Illuminations Lighting Design

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607 Durham Drive
Houston, TX 77007

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Illuminations Lighting Design is a certified installer of Phantom Lighting Products in Houston Texas.

Illuminations Lighting Design is the only “One Stop” destination for lighting design, engineering, landscape lighting services and installation in the state of Texas, and remains unrivaled by any lighting firm in the United States for lighting that is art. As homes grow larger and needs become more complex, having a single resource provides home owners with peace of mind. This translates into a smoother process, reduced costs and a better product. Illuminations lighting design is well versed in Phantom LED fine art lighting projectors and Phantom LED cabinet lighting systems and have experienced licensed technicians to make any installation successful.

Whomever the artist and wherever the artwork is located, you can trust the professionals at Illuminations Lighting Design to install Phantom framing projectors that will showcase your collection in the best possible light. Let a trained fine art lighting lighting company help you with your art collection.

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