Art lighting that weds sophistication and exhibition.

The beauty of art lies in the eyes of the beholder. Thus, the pieces that bring you joy and fill your heart with pride deserve to be placed in the spotlight. We bring you residential art lighting once reserved for museums and galleries. Phantom’s art projector lighting is an exceptionally elegant way to showcase paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other treasured artworks. Our cutting-edge art lighting technique molds light to the contours of artwork using precision optics to reveal the masterpiece within.

We shape light beams so that only your artwork is illuminated perfectly. This creates a memorable lit-from-within effect that makes your art glow without flooding your wall with spill light. Phantom art lighting technology is gentle, efficient, safe, and brilliant.

The Phantom Lighting team will design a customized art lighting solution for you. We use the latest LED lighting technology so that attention is drawn to your artworks, not the hardware. Our commitment to exceptional service means that you have a team of experts by your side before, during, and after your project. What can we light for you?

Multiple masking methods that include anodized adjustable shutters, hand-cut brass templates, and pattern gobo holder for creating theatrical effects.
Powerful LED light engine with CREE XHP70, 3000K, 90+ CRI LED chip with light output exceeding 4,000 lumens.
Highly polished concentric parabolic reflector designed to capture and direct maximum light into the optical chamber.
Multiple 60mm condensing lenses designed to collect, magnify and concentrate the beam of light out of the optical chamber.
Variable 39mm focal lenses designed for short wide throws as well as long throw applications. Special achromatic lenses eliminate all the spectral abnormalities associated with focused light sources.
Active cooling fan with finned aluminum heat sink engineered to perform even under the most extreme temperatures.
Pivoting projector mounting cradle with multiple mounting positions to address a variety of aiming angles. Keyed slots allow for perfect positioning the projector and off center rotation when desired.
Universal rotating ring allows for full 360 rotation of projector inside the housing making adjustments a snap.

Art Lighting | LED Contour Projectors

Phantom Contour Projectors feature all of the characteristics of the world’s best lighting when it comes to illuminating fine art. Our patented LED framing projectors are discrete, high performance, tunable and designed to showcase art and sculptures of any size or shape. Interior designers, art collectors and lighting professionals all turn to Phantom art lighting technology when traditional lighting methods don’t fit the requirements or the project requires the very best. With four low-profile recessed housings and a sleek contemporary surface mount option, Phantom LED Contour Projectors are designed to fit seamlessly into any residential or commercial setting. They contain a proprietary variable optical system that allows focused light to be shaped into a pattern that only illuminates the artwork, not the surrounding wall. This allows friends, family and guests to see the art in a new light – one that enhances color, reveals hidden details and provides a unique visual perspective in art appreciation. Some have called this art lighting phenomenon extraordinary or outstanding; we simply call it the Contour Projector!