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If you are having trouble finding 75W MR16 Halogen lamps for your Phantom™ Halogen Contour projector, it is because the manufacturer of those lamps, Ushio, has discontinued the product altogether. Because of the concentrated focus of light provided by the specialty Halogen lamp, using alternate replacement lamps (Halogen or LED) will not achieve the same light levels. We have custom-engineered a solution – a direct retrofit kit – to adapt your existing Halogen projector into an energy efficient, long-lasting LED projector that delivers the high-caliber quality of light you’ve come to expect from your Phantom™ product

LED conversion kits are now available for all our projector models including those with square or round housings, as well as surface mount models. This is not a simple lamp change, but a major upgrade that improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance. The conversion process involves changing the electrical power supply, updating the optical system and installing a high output LED light engine for maintenance free operation. The unique tri-dimming driver is compatible with forward phase (MLV), reverse phase (ELV) and 0-10V dimming.

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