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Homeowners can create whole new atmospheres of mystery and ambiance with 12V LED home lighting products, including under-cabinet lighting, task lighting, picture lighting, display lighting, cove lighting and many other practical applications.

Classic strip lighting solutions from Phantom Lighting cover the full lighting spectrum, making 12V LED home lighting products the perfect wiring to accommodate free-standing furniture, coves, bookshelves, and picture lighting within the home. Low voltage 12V LED home lighting allows for creative wiring methods to all other forms of technology that operate at higher voltages such as 120 volt.

Older model low voltage lighting products used 12 volt power as a safe operating voltage. However, 24 volt systems are more prevalent today. Filament-based lamps such as incandescent and xenon festoon lamps convert 90% of all electricity into raw heat. Not only does this cause the bulb to eventually burn out, but it also heats the room and subsequently increases energy costs on cooling.

LED festoon technology replaces the previous festoon lamps with diode technology with more cost-effective results. LED’s utilize semiconductor technology to radiate light without heat and only require 12V or 24V to operate, so they last much longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs. 12V LED home lighting products provides protection against short-circuiting with fused 12V transformers. Easy and quick to install, LED strip lights illuminate built-in bookcases and freestanding furniture without unsafe and damaging heat.

Phantom 12V LED home lighting products allow for an even distribution of light from an unobtrusive lighting source that adapts itself readily to built-in bookcases and freestanding furniture. The variable LED spacing insures even saturated light output and options for 120-degree or 60-degree optic angles depending on situational lighting requirements and desired aesthetic outcome.

12V LED home lighting proves ideal for kitchen lighting and task lighting. We custom cut each strip lighting fixture to match the dimensions of cabinets and desks. With a CM, AC, or AE series festoon light, 12V LED home lighting can illuminate every corner within a cabinet, making it easier to find spices, cans, foods, and small appliances quickly and easily. Our patented fixed surface wiring keeps the fixture itself invisible and maximizes the aesthetic of the lighting experience. Task lighting for desks and other home work areas also delivers a comfortable amount of light that prevents eyestrain, as Phantom LED home lighting products output five times the amount of standard festoon lighting products. They are also fully dimmable and do not require the complex special components necessary to operate DC counterparts.

12V LED home lighting offers so many obvious benefits that one can readily see how this technology is rapidly replacing gas and filament light sources. With long bulb life, low energy input, and low-heat output, LED lights can deliver everything previous technologies offered without wasting money or producing environmentally damaging side effects.

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