A framing projector emits sharp, attractive light that most other lighting fixtures can’t match. The effect is achieved by getting rid of all spill illumination, which is the radiance that spills over the edges of the subject. Spill light is common in most homes and venues, but it doesn’t have to be.

By eliminating it entirely, only the subject is lit up, giving it a striking glow. It creates a proper visual impact on any piece of art or display subject.

Phantom’s optical framing projector shapes the light before it reaches the subject, and it does this in two primary ways. Before the beam even leaves the fixture, it is precisely focused using Phantom’s proprietary lensing apparatus. Phantom created this lensing apparatus for this type of application, so it achieves near perfect efficiency in focusing its impressive halogen light engine. Once the beam leaves the fixture, it is formed to the subject through the use of either a cut metal slide or a set of adjustable shutters. The former is made for oddly shaped items, like sculptures or irregularly shaped items, while the latter is more suitable for various wall hangings, like lithographs and oversized artwork. Together, these two features ensure that every item reaches its full visual potential and impact for the viewer.