Adjustable retail shelf lights can provide many display options to a shop owner, giving them the power to show off products in any way they wish. However, such versatility is not available with cheap, low quality fixtures, so a shop owner will need to consider a high-end illumination system an investment. But it is an investment that will pay immediate dividends, as it will help sell additional products and improve the shop’s appearance and reputation.

There is a distinct aesthetic that a lot of top shops aim for, and adjustable retail shelf lights can go a long way in producing it. The contemporary, visually bold approach to product displays is a tried and true method of getting attention for a product display, and this aesthetic can be built with an LED illumination system that is highly flexible as well.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra are two of the very few systems on the market that can be repositioned after installation. Normally, open wiring makes it impossible for a shop owner to reposition the fixture safely, but the Elite and Ultra can be designed with buss bar supports and brass contact pieces instead of a traditional open wiring system, and such a system can deliver power to the fixtures no matter how the display is arranged. In only a matter of minutes, a shop owner with no technical ability or tools can produce a fresh look, and this will keep customers interested and coming back again and again.