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No canvas or installation can stand on its own, and this is where art lighting experts come in. Home and venue owners display paintings, photographs, and sculptures because they deserve admiration, and without the right fixtures, it is hard to accomplish this. It’s not as simple as just placing more lights around the art. Without some planning and smart fixture selection, the result will likely be flat, dull, or not entirely appropriate for the setting. That’s why so many put their trust in Phantom Lighting to come up with the right fixtures.

What fixtures do the art lighting experts with Phantom offer?

Phantom is an expert in LED lighting, with experience in residential and commercial settings. Some of the lighting systems Phantom is specialized in include recessed, frame-mounted fixtures and LED optical framing projectors. Each one is appropriate for certain installations, and making the right choice is essential to setting up a nice display.

Frame-mounted fixtures can give a single subject a dramatic look and tend to be the least expensive alternative. They also emit even illumination, so they provide a consistent, sharp look with most subjects. However, frame-mounted fixtures throw heat, and their proximity to the subject may expose the painting to excessive thermal energy. This can cause delicate oils and canvases to deteriorate quickly.

Recessed fixtures work well in settings where minimal overhead clutter is a priority. When fitted with LED sources, they are effective at rendering color and directing illumination where it’s needed most. LED down fixtures are prized for their excellent aesthetics and their compatibility with most artwork. LED lighting generates little UV radiation and close to zero throw heat, so it’s the ideal choice for preserving artwork for as long as possible.

To overcome all of the challenges associated with art lighting, Phantom’s expert lighting designers have developed an LED optical framing projector designed specifically for these tasks. Phantom’s optical framing projectors are safe to use with any art installation, including sensitive oil paintings, and use high-performance LED lamps to ensure superior color rendering and output strength. Phantom’s projectors mount inside the ceiling, so they are concealed from view. Most importantly, though, is that Phantom’s optical framing projectors produce zero spill illumination. With our three different masking methods, the beam is only concentrated on the subject, giving it an enchanting glow that helps the piece stand out and making it appearing as though it is lit from within.

Next time you add a piece of art to your home or business collection, the team at Phantom Lighting would be happy to help you come up with a plan to properly display it – just give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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