Bar light fixtures are perfect for ramping up business and attracting people to an establishment. Trendy clubs and pubs are always competing with each other for clientele, especially in a dense urban environment. To bring in people, a business only has to draw their eyes for a moment, and the easiest way to do this is with unique illumination produced by Phantom.

They produce a number of LED strip lighting models that can be customized to fit any space and produce any color of illumination.


LED strips built by this company consist of six diodes grouped together into a single device. This model produces a reliable level of illumination, about 40 lumens strong. This is twice as strong as competing models. These LED strips require very little energy to function, under a watt or so. This keeps energy bills low, and decreases the risk of fire.

Phantom produces customized bar light fixtures, so they will fit any space in the building. Unlike most manufacturers, these devices can be modified further during installation. This is extremely helpful for an installer that needs to tweak the strip just a bit to get it to fit without being seen. These strips are designed to be low profile. They come with metal glare shields, so the illumination is diffused and softened. The end result is a subtle glow that adds complexity and color to the environment. These devices can be placed just about anywhere in the building. They can be installed under the counter, in a display case, on product shelving, behind artistic pieces or televisions or in a seating area. They can radiate any color, from the trendy blues and purples found in trendy clubs to the orange and whites found in casual pubs.