Phantom Offers Lighting Design Advice and Trusted Expertise

Lighting Design Advice Lighting Design Advice

Phantom Offers Lighting Design Advice and Trusted Expertise for Any Fine Art or Display Lighting Project!

Getting the right lighting advice for your art or display can make all the difference in how other people perceive it. No one invests in a rare painting or sculpture only to put it in a dark room where it will never receive its due notice; the same goes for a collection of prized objects you’ve chosen to put on display.

The average homeowner doesn’t have the electrical knowledge or experience to choose the right fixtures or placements, but that’s exactly what the experts at Phantom Lighting are here to help with! Illumination itself can be used in a myriad of creative ways, and while a homeowner may know what they want in their head, designing and installing a fixture layout is entirely another thing.

When people want a unique painting, they hire a painter. When they want special wedding photos, they hire a photographer. It only makes sense, then, to bring in a lighting design expert when illuminating art or displays.

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Going to your local lighting store, not a big box store, is the best way for you to explore and learn about art and display lighting products. A quality lighting showroom will have an assortment of over-picture lights, track lights, recessed lighting, adjustable accent lights and optical framing projectors. They will be able to educate you on the various products, costs and help point you in the right direction.

The next step is to meet with a lighting designer in your home, so that he or she can see the actual conditions, identify potential issues, define the requirements and recommend the best art lighting solution for your style of architecture and your specific collection.

Lighting Design Advice for Fine Art Lighting

Depending on your situation and budget, your lighting expert may discuss the use of a contour framing projector. Phantom’s optical framing projector is one of several LED framing projectors on the market today. Phantom’s precision lighting tools are discrete, powerful and produce a focused light source that can be shaped to fit the art.

This magical lighting effect is accomplished by one of two masking methods using adjustable shutters for squares or rectangles or brass templates for irregular shaped objects or multiple objects. Recessed framing projectors are the most discrete installation method and surface mount projectors are available as needed – your lighting expert will be able to help you decide the best fit.

Before seeking lighting advice for your art, consider visiting art museums or galleries to get an idea of the finished look you would like to achieve. The internet is also a helpful option when it comes to understanding the way lighting works and the best settings for the various options. Keep in mind that there are few aspects of illumination that experts agree with across the board, but there are some valuable pieces of knowledge to take note of.

The important decisions will include whether or not you want to mount the fixture to the subject or have the illumination source away from it. Both have their strengths, though most installers prefer fixtures set away from the subject, as this will reduce the impact on the subject’s aging process.

Another important consideration is whether to select fixtures recessed in the ceiling or wall, or mounted to the ceiling directly. Which option works best will depend on the layout of the room, the size and nature of the subject, and the room’s composition. For example, a room made from a dense material like brick will be impractical for most recessed fixture options.

The experts with Phantom Lighting will be able to answer the tough questions once you’ve got the basics down, so make that call when you’re ready to pick a fixture to showcase your beautiful piece of art.

Professional Consultation on Display Lighting Design Advice

Shelf lighting experts know how to use a variety of fixtures to create an endless array of displays, and this knowledge can be put to great use for a homeowner. An experienced cabinet lighting expert is your best resource for determining optimal fixture placement and customization options.

Shelf lighting experts typically get their fixtures from trusted manufacturers that maintain excellent quality standards, while some designers have produced their own fixtures which can be adapted for special use. For example, Phantom has developed a unique adjustable LED lighting fixture design that is built into cabinetry while it is being constructed. Phantom’s adjustable fixtures allow the homeowner to switch the shelving arrangement around at a moment’s notice and get as many looks from the cabinet as possible.

This is normally impossible with standard fixtures, but it is just one more feature that a knowledgeable designer can offer. In short, there’s no reason a homeowner shouldn’t at least consult with a professional before beginning a project. During consultation, the designer can offer valuable advice, and much more if the homeowner is impressed with what they hear.

Phantom Lighting is here to offer lighting design advice for any questions you might have about any lighting project in your home or business. With decades of experience lighting fine art and enhancing displays with illumination, we offer a wealth of information, advice, and expertise. Give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form to get started.