ls_application15Low voltage festoon cabinet lighting systems are made for a variety of decorative furnishings and custom cabinets using Phantom’s proprietary linear lighting strips. Everything from displays, book shelves, break fronts, antique cases, armoires, and custom kitchen cabinets can be lit with these systems. The low profile design of a Phantom cabinet lighting strip allows it to hide along the interior of any vertical or horizontal surface. Our patented shelf support and buss bar technology replaces visible wires, making it possible to completely conceal the accent strip lights in most instances. It also allows the shelves to be moved without risk of shock or short circuit. This is important when it comes time to decorate or clean shelving surfaces.

Phantom cabinet lights are the only systems that can be literally customized to the pieces they illuminate with minimum cutting or drilling and maximum lighting control. Linear light strips can be fitted with any number of LED, xenon, and incandescent festoon lamping options to create the color temperature most appropriate to the quality and texture of the furnishing itself and any contents on display within its interior.

Display Cabinet Lighting Systems

Phantom xenon lighting strips can be installed in a wide variety of unique positions to create concealed cabinet lighting systems in display cases, armoires, breakfronts, corner cabinets, and free standing book cases. Because every linear lighting strip is custom cut to the dimensions of an interior horizontal or vertical cabinet surface, it is possible for interior decorators to completely conceal our cabinet lighting systems in most antique and reproduction display cases. For breakfronts and display cases that measure 30” or more in height, vertical strip lights can be installed on the interior surface of the vertical styles. In display cases with more horizontal space than vertical space, professionals can install horizontal strip lights along the interior header. Units with shelves can be lit with wireless cabinet lighting systems installed on the top bottom portion of each shelf. The light shines down onto the shelf below, illuminating both the space between the shelves and the contents of the shelves with a gentle, ambient glow.

However, not every cabinet was made with a lighting system in mind. Many antiques were designed to be enjoyed in the daylight only without any thought given interior illumination at night. We see a lot of this with older breakfronts and antique china cabinets that do not have headers or vertical styles on which to mount our cabinet lights. To work around this challenge, we custom build the display cabinet lights to fit the vertical interior surface of the cabinet door. Even though a visitor will see the fixtures if he or she opens the glass doors, the compact, wireless design of our linear strips and are aesthetically superior festoon lamping configuration make for a presentable look even if the strip lights are momentarily exposed.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting Systems

Phantom builds both xenon under cabinet lighting and incabinet lighting systems for modern kitchens whose function and aesthetic rely heavily on custom cabinetry. Almost every cabinet will be unique to its own respective kitchen, which is why it is so important to use a cabinet lighting system that is custom manufactured to the precise dimensions of the cabinet under surface or interior. With Phantom in cabinet and undercabinet lighting systems, homeowners experience a number of benefits unavailable from incandescent and fluorescent strip lighting.

For one thing, Phantom strips are made with special glare shields and optics that causes the light to shine from the front of the cabinet and down toward the back. Most linear lights shine from the back to the front, causing light to reflect upward from counter tops and appliances and into a person’s eyes. Guests seated at nearby tables may also be blinded by these fluorescent undercabinet fixtures or incandescent cabinet lights because their line of site lies beneath the underside of the cabinet and directly in the pathway of the light.

Simply by replacing traditional custom cabinet lights and reversing the lighting angle of incidence, our cabinet lighting systems transform glare into reflected ambiance, which can contribute to either a warm aesthetic under the cabinet glow or a gentle warm ambiance within the cabinet’s interior.

How can I learn more about your lighting products?

We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with salesmen located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia. Austin Texas, Dallas Texas and Palm Springs California.