There are a few fixtures that can provide a decorative flourish and some needed functionality, and cabinet lighting is among them. This concept has been around for decades, but until recently it has mostly been used to see well. While this is still an important function, many venues are adopting the technology for displays, and to add a warm touch to a kitchen or den. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, these fixtures were harsh, overly bright, and inefficient. In recent years, improvements in the industry have produced energy efficient fixtures that can be set at any color temperature and brightness.

Phantom provides a huge range of cabinet lighting options, from LED ribbons to festoon lamps. They can be installed inside or outside the furniture, providing illumination wherever it’s wanted or needed. In the kitchen, these fixtures can be placed under a wall-mounted cabinet, which will provide illumination in a food preparation area. They can also be placed inside, where they will bathe the room in a soft, warm glow. Not only will this add some interesting color to the area, it will also make it easier to see at night. With a little extra illumination, any room can be made safer and have a better ambiance.

The fixtures offered by Phantom require very little wattage to operate. Usually, this form of illumination is kept on around the clock, so energy efficiency is a must. Otherwise, it will quickly become a power drain. Phantom’s fixtures are energy efficient, and produce an extremely low amount of heat.

Every room requires a custom design and particular set of fixtures to provide the perfect combination of illumination and beauty. A consultant with Phantom can help a person determine which fixtures are right for them.

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