Eyles_LivingAs pioneers in the art lighting manufacturing industry for over 30 years, the engineering team at Phantom Lighting has developed and patented a number of unique lighting fixtures that are changing the face of specialty lighting. These fixtures allow design professionals, building contractors, commercial interior designers, and homeowners to bring unequaled beauty to their work with maximum flexibility.

At the core of our product offering is the Phantom Contour Projector. This user-friendly, truly multidimensional art projector allows private and commercial art collectors, galleries, and interior designers to create spectacular lighting phenomenon. With a halogen light source and a patented filtration system that strips the light of all harmful radiation, the Contour’s beam remains hidden until it strikes the intended object, illuminating it with our world-renowned “lighted from within” effect. Art lovers consistently turn to Phantom when they realize they need a residential lighting manufacturer that can both showcase their prized possessions and protect the physical well being of their collection.

A second line of products, the Phantom Linear Lighting System, brings a new versatility and aesthetic to the world of decorative accent lighting. This “state of the art” linear strip features wireless conductivity and low profile positioning that makes it all but invisible to the naked eye. Phantom’s proprietary custom manufacturing process allows the linear lighting strip to be mounted on any vertical, horizontal, or curved radius surface. With lamping options ranging from incandescent and xenon to the new, revolutionary 2800K LED festoon, the Phantom Linear Strip continues to evolve and lead the way in low-voltage shelf, display, and cove lighting.

When making the Contour Projector picture lights or any one of the Phantom Strip Lights, the core belief at Phantom is that lighting should bring graceful elegance to a room. We think the focus should be on the room’s beauty, not the lights. All of our products are designed with one goal—we want you to: “See the Light… Not the Fixture.”

How can I learn more about your lighting products?

Call a Phantom Agent for more information on all of these options. We invite you to call toll free 800-863-1184 to request literature online or visit our mobile website or lighting blog to learn more about Phantom custom low voltage lighting products.

Are your lighting strips made in the USA?

Yes, our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with professional lighting sales agents located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Las Vegas Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Orange County California, Atlanta Georgia, Austin Texas and Palm Springs California.

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