Putting together custom bookcase lighting plans is a smart move for a homeowner that wants illumination that fits the display perfectly. Texts like classic novels and collector items come in a variety of colors and designs, so there isn’t one set of fixtures that can work in every setting.

It takes a tailored approach, and that takes an expert with experience in aesthetic illumination. It can be tempting to just settle for off the shelf fixtures for the job, but such fixtures are normally a poor fit for sophisticated displays.

Phantom’s custom bookcase lighting plans are designed to bring out the best in every display, and that means properly fitting the fixtures and ensuring they are emitting illumination that works in the space. A set of fixtures may be extremely powerful or colorful, but if they aren’t metered correctly, the result will be a disaster. And this is the primary issue with off the shelf and low quality fixtures. They aren’t designed to be precise.

But Phantom’s LED fixtures are. Its Elite and Ultra strips can be cut to fit any cabinet, and with their extremely low profile, they can be easily hidden behind a piece of trim, which Phantom can also provide. This trim will shape the illumination to the display, and with Phantom’s dimmer controls, the display can be finely controlled by the homeowner. With this level of control, a homeowner can get a system that truly looks unique.