If you are building cabinets with adjustable shelves mounted on metal brackets, Phantom Lighting offers you the option of building custom display cabinet lights right into the shelving at the time of construction. These linear fixtures are low-voltage units designed for maximum light output and minimal power consumption.

With color temperatures ranging from 3500K-2800K, they are guaranteed to accentuate your product’s aesthetic and directly increase its market value.

With the energy efficiency generated by Phantom LED cabinet lights, you can offer to reduce your clients’ decorative lighting costs by as much as 60%. When you combine this type of savings with superb carpentry and high-end lighting, you add return on investment value to product quality and increase the selling power of your bid with some of the most ingenious technology ever introduced to the world of cabinet lighting.

In spite of its highly flexible nature and diverse range of application, the Phantom adjustable shelf cabinet lighting system consists of some amazingly simple components. These are the cabinet lights themselves, a CDA kit for each linear strip, a pair of bus bars, and a small, low-voltage transformer that is easy to conceal.

The CDA kit replaces the standard metal shelf brackets with a pair of highly conductive brass shelf supports and corresponding brass contact pads. The bus bars are vertical metal strips that are mounted flush within the interior walls of the cabinet. When a cabinet maker contacts our factory and places a purchase order, both the bus bars and the cabinet lights themselves are custom built to match the dimensions of the structure’s interior.

Each cabinet lighting installation requires only one pair of bus bars per section, and each linear strip light requires only one corresponding CDA kit per shelf. These components, along with a small, low-voltage transformer that is easy to conceal, are all that is necessary to create a completely hidden light, wireless light source that will illuminate everything from rare books and antique china to sentimental curios and fine bottles of wine.

Installing your low voltage lighting strips is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete. Begin by routing out a 1/4” channel on each interior wall of the cabinet. Route this channel directly at the point where you intend to mount the metal shelf brackets. Install the bus bar in this channel flush with the surface of the wall. Then, use the screws in the CDA kit to affix the shelf brackets directly to the bus bars at whatever height you wish to place the shelves. The bus bars have plenty of screw holes, so you can create all sorts of display options for your clients simply by moving a pair of brackets up or down.

One the shelf brackets are in place, attach the brass contact pads in your CDA kit to the ends of each shelf. Install the cabinet lighting fixtures behind the front reveal of every shelf, and then connect them to the contact pads with the small wires that come with the CDA kit. (You do not need an electrician to do this). Now, when the shelf is placed on the bracket, the power will flow from the bus bars through the mounting bracket, then complete circuit through the contact pads connected to the lighting strips.

If you are a lighting designer, these wireless cabinet AE Series lights can help tip the scales in favor of your proposal with any client who wishes to showcase something special in his or her home or office. If you are a private collector, or simply a homeowner looking to enliven the living room with a new level of light, you can upgrade from outdated and inefficient battery lights to LED wireless cabinet lights that will save on power and provide you with any desired lighting effect you can imagine…at a fraction of the cost of incandescent bulbs or batteries that have to be replaced on an ongoing basis.

Contact us now at 1-800-863-1184 to learn more about how customized wireless and completely adjustable shelf cabinet display lights can beautify a home or office with an entirely new aesthetic with apparently sourceless ambient lighting.

Our adjustable cabinet lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas. We have a network of nationwide distributorships and United States lighting sales representatives that fan out throughout all 50 states into cities like Ft. Lauderdale, FL (FLL), Orlando, Florida (MCO), Santa Monica, CA, (LAX) Columbus, Ohio (CMH), (LGA) New York, NY, (JKF), St. Louis, MO, Detroit, Michigan (DTW), Madison, WI (MSN), San Francisco, California (SFO), and Omaha, Nebraska (OMA). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.