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There are few art and artifact lighting methods that can match Phantom’s contour projectors and their precision illumination.

With any well designed illumination system, the fixtures take a back seat to the subject.

They shouldn’t overpower the viewer with too much radiance, instead bringing out the subtle colors and lines in the piece. Phantoms’ contour projectors are made with this approach in mind and are compatible with nearly any subject a home or venue owner would want to display.

artifact lighting methods

Phantom’s art and artifact lighting methods are built around its sophisticated contour projectors. Available in five models, Phantom’s projectors are similar to the fixtures used in professional theatrical and stage settings. Harnessing this level of power is not easy, and if not controlled it will dominate the piece. Phantom avoids this problem with a proprietary lensing design that is precisely formatted. The lenses take in illumination produced by high quality halogen lamps and focuses them. This process eliminates the stray beams that other systems are plagued with, improving contrast and sharpness. Most people aren’t used to illumination systems this precise, so their first reaction to Phantom’s projectors is often one of awe.

Phantom further shapes this illumination using one of two masking options. Even the most sophisticated art and artifact lighting methods will fail if the illumination is not spread properly, and Phantom’s masking options ensure this perfect spread. One method, a metal cut slide, is custom made to a particular subject, so they can be used with sculptures, models, books, memorabilia, and other uniquely shaped items. Phantom is also one of the few companies to offer a set of adjustable shutters that are better designed for paintings and pictures. The shutters can quickly be moved around to accommodate a variety of subjects and keep the illumination trapped inside the piece. With these extensive customization options, any piece can be cast in a brand new light.

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