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The right art illumination techniques will make a significant visual impact and transform any artwork into an exhibit.

Lighting can take an already gorgeous work and spark new life into it, turning back the clock and making the subject appear as if it was just created. Proper art illumination techniques will also improve the vividness of the piece and make it seem more vibrant. Optical framing projectors do exactly that be giving the artwork a lighted from within look.

Most collectors, artists and designers have an eye for art illumination techniques and know how effective they can be in a variety of settings.

art illumination techniques

An individual may know how they want the display to look, but a lighting expert will make it happen.

Lighting experts can determine if a simple picture light, recessed accent light, track light, optical framing projector or other art illumination techniques would be the best solution. The more sophisticated the lighting equipment is the more expensive the investment. Your lighting professional can discuss architectural challenges, compare lighting products and provide a lighting budget suitable to your needs.

If there are any challenges during the installation, a professional can help fix the issue and provide a custom lighting solution. For example, let’s suppose your artwork has glass and creates reflections otherwise known as glare. Experts know that testing with a flashlight before installing the art light is a great way to identify these challenges in advance. By offsetting the light, you can elevate reflected glare from most viewing angles.

Frame shadows are another issue that your lighting professional will know how to address. If you place the light too steep, you may create a frame shadow on the canvas. This can also create a distinct shadow on the wall below the art that can be distracting.

Also, a lighting designer has trained their eye so that they can tell what optimal lighting looks like with a variety of subjects. LED lighting today comes in a variety of kelvin colors which can greatly alter your display. In older art lighting techniques, halogen sources were used for lighting artwork and they produced a kelvin color temperature of 2950K.

Today’s art lighting techniques use led light sources that are 3000K or higher which are the closest color temperature to halogen. Experts know that the higher the kelvin temperature, the whiter the light becomes. This experience in hundreds of installations will be useful when helping a homeowner, ensuring the painting, sculpture or photograph is perfectly lit with the right art illumination techniques.

Experts know that LED lighting is also ideal for subjects sensitive to UV radiation, including prints, fabrics and paintings. Like with heat, LED lighting emits a small amount of UV radiation, compared to other options like halogen light sources. With little to no UV output, artwork will not be damaged by using LED art lighting techniques from lighting professionals.

Phantom Lighting  – Our art illumination techniques and led cabinet lighting add mood and ambiance to a space, enhancing your investments in fine art, sculptures, furniture, bookcases and display cabinets.

Our led optical framing projectors, They precisely illuminate artwork, paintings, and other works of art with precision and control. They are one of the best art illumination techniques on the market!

Our adjustable cabinet lighting systems, available in a variety of mounting methods to suit any application, add unparalleled dimension to your cabinetry and the items you’ve chosen to display within them. However, we also have several options for under-cabinet led task lighting systems that contribute greatly to the functionality of your countertops.

Our cove lighting systems, though not considered a primary source of lighting, are a fantastic option for enhancing the architectural features of a home or business. Their unique design allows for a variety of applications – not only do they look great along a cove in the ceiling, they can also be used on top of or below cabinetry or placed vertically to accent concave features within the walls. When installed correctly, cove lighting adds unique dimension to the structure of your building.

Phantom Lighting Systems is all about creative art illumination techniques and transforming your surroundings into visual masterpieces through cutting-edge lighting solutions married with stunning design. We invite you to call us toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form for complimentary design assistance. Follow us on social media – InstagramPinterest, or Facebook.

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