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High end art lighting fixtures are one of the most important elements in a display setup. To truly appreciate what this technology can do for a special painting or sculpture, a homeowner only has to visit a museum or gallery. The difference in illumination quality between a professional venue and the average display in a home is incredibly stark.

And this is why so many homeowners are now placing an emphasis on quality illumination for their own exhibits, because it will be sure to grab attention if done right.

Contour Projectors highlight fine art, not the walls.

There are a number of high end art lighting fixtures available for most installations, but illumination designers agree that optical framing projectors are the gold standard. This is because optical framing projectors are designed with paintings and sculptures in mind and incorporate several features that improve their ability to display these subjects. For one, Phantom’s projectors are made with a unique arrangement of condensing and focal lenses, improving the beam’s consistency as it leaves the projector. Projectors are also positioned in a cradle that allows for a high degree of movement, so it can be properly positioned in front of the subject. Finally, Phantom’s projectors can be dimmed and masked with one of several masking attachments. These further refine the beam and create an optimal spread of illumination. Optical framing projectors are sophisticated pieces of technology, but with the help of a dedicated expert, their power can be harnessed for any space, including the home.

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