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Home lighting ideas vary greatly and can help add a specific style to a room, whether warm and rustic, or cool and modern. Fixtures that focus on art displays, clean lines, or compliment the colors of the room will provide a professional finish. There are three main types of fixtures that are needed in a house, and these include general, task, and accent lighting. These types of fixtures focus on specific aspects of a room and help improve the quality of the room’s design.

A good lighting design includes elements of all three types of lighting –

  1. General – General lighting, also known as ambient lighting, in a home usually comes from overhead recessed can lighting or track-mounted fixtures on the ceiling. Other sources of general lighting are chandeliers, wall sconces, and large pendant lights. These primary light sources are usually the brightest in the room, as they are intended to simulate sunlight.
  2. Task – Task lighting most commonly refers to under-cabinet strip lighting that assists in performing countertop tasks, such as food preparation and cooking, or desktop tasks, like homework. These are secondary light sources that can either be turned on only when needed or left on to enhance the overall lighting design of a room.
  3. Accent – Accent lighting comes from fixtures that are meant to highlight something, such as a piece of art over the fireplace, or from a fixture that contributes more to the design scheme than it does to the ambient lighting. This includes both floor and table lamps, decorative and artistic fixtures, spot lights and projectors, and smaller pendant lights. Accent lighting also includes cove lighting, which is traditionally installed along the molding of a ceiling, but can also look great beneath the toe-kicks of cabinetry and along the rise of the steps in a staircase.

When all three types of lighting are installed to work cohesively, a room’s design is undoubtedly elevated. To achieve the best overall design, all of the light sources should be in a similar color temperature and at a variety of output levels.

Phantom Lighting specializes in accent lighting – our products add mood and ambiance to a space, enhancing your investments in fine art, furniture, and woodworking. Our LED optical framing projectors are the best on the market for precisely illuminating paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Our adjustable cabinet lighting systems, available in a variety of mounting methods to suit any application, add unparalleled dimension to your cabinetry and the items you’ve chosen to display within them. However, we also have two options for under-cabinet LED task lighting systems, the Elite Series and the Ultra Series, that contribute greatly to the functionality of your countertops.

Your house likely already has the general lighting in place – let Phantom help you elevate your home’s functionality with task lighting and its mood with our accent lighting options. Call the Phantom Lighting team toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form to get started with your lighting design plan. Follow us on social media – Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook.

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