Art lighting projectors produced by Phantom are some of the best on the market because they are designed to fit in nearly any venue. These fixtures are typically used for lighting fine art in residences and even in museums and galleries, where their finely calibrated radiance can produce breathtaking effects. They are designed to stay out of sight creating illumination that seems to come from nowhere.

Phantom’s art lighting projectors are available in several models, each perfect for different installation applications. The RM and NC Series both have the same finished look, but the RM is for remodel projects and NC is for new construction applications.  The housing shape is altered for the respective installation method.  The FF is ideal for any situation whether, it is a renovation job or new project because it is floated in the ceiling creating a zero sight line.  The TA series is top access only for situations where disrupting the ceiling can pose an issue.  The SM series is the most economical option and has mounting flexibility.  It can be mounted on a beam, a piece of furniture, a ceiling or a track.

The Phantom projector is a versatile fixture in that different options can be selected to help achieve the appropriate application requirements. An important aspect of the projector is the two masking methods used to frame the subject matter. The adjustable shutters are used the majority of the time because they are easy to adjust for square and rectangular pieces of art.  The custom cut metal slide is for applications where an irregular shape or sculpture needs to be illuminated. These options are specific to Phantom and its competitors do not offer this type of customized when specifying the product.

Art lighting projectors were created specifically to bring out the beauty in creative subjects. They aren’t made just to improve visibility, they are made to add a graceful glow to each piece. Phantom’s fixtures, in particular, excel at forming illumination to the subject, giving it a mesmerizing glow that appears to come from within the piece.