Truthfully, it’s not difficult to illuminate framed art, but lighting it in a unique way and compelling people to look at it is something else entirely. People are used to traditional forms of display illumination, and though the tried and true methods can still be effective, they are often rather neutral.

In other words, they do their job and show off the piece, but they don’t possess the kind of aesthetic that will really draw people in. For something like that, an optical framing projector is needed.

Setting Up Contemporary Art Lighting With The Right Fixture

An optical projector is designed specifically to work with framed art, using lighting techniques that other fixtures aren’t capable of matching. It starts with a powerful halogen beam, one that is optimal for rendering color in a painting. This beam can be focused into one of multiple beam widths, and precisely aimed using the projector’s versatile controls. Once trained on the subject, the effect is completed with one of two masking techniques, both of which are designed to confine the illumination to just the subject. In other words, only the painting or sculpture is illuminated, and not its surroundings. This intense level of contrast is unlike anything most people have seen before, and they will likely have questions about how the effect is produced.

It’s up to the homeowner as to how they respond, but the point is that people will be talking about the art, and the incredible display built around it.