Illuminating Prized Collections with Phantom LED Display Lighting

Put your prized collectibles in their best light with Phantom’s LED Display Lighting Systems!

No great collection of prized objects can be created without a significant investment of time, energy, finances, and passion. With so much devoted to it, it’s only fitting that you place your collection on display in their best light. Phantom Lighting is a pioneer in the display lighting industry and has decades of experience illuminating collections of prized objects.

Our Elite and Ultra LED cabinet lighting systems come in a variety of Kelvin color temperatures and trim profiles, making them the ideal building blocks to create the perfect illumination for any display. We offer a proprietary adjustable cabinet lighting series that allows you to change the configuration of your display at any time without the need for rewiring.

No matter what you’ve chosen to collect, Phantom Lighting is sure to have a lighting solution that will transform your display into a museum-quality exhibit, right within your home!


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Statuary & Figurine Collections

LED display lighting for statuary collections have a simple mission to complete. The fixtures have to bring out the dramatic edges, the gentle curves and the subtle features of the sculpture, making it appear as if it was almost alive.

Sculptures are one of the most interesting things to illuminate, as their unique shapes often produce dramatic shadows. Few things have the visual punch of a sculpture shining brightly in the dark, and with the right setup, it is possible to evoke nearly any feeling.

Not all sculptures are kept in a cabinet or mounted to a pedestal, which is an important concept when using LED display lighting for statuary collections. A lot of people like to invest heavily in a few large sculptures that dominate a room, so they need to be well-illuminated around the clock. This may be enough illumination, but if it isn’t, Phantom can help install recessed fixtures or projectors in the ceiling to illuminate it better from above.

Regardless, the effect will be well put together and look like something out of a magazine or movie. For premium fixtures designed for any type of collection, contact Phantom and talk with the experts for the best results.

Lead Soldier Collections

With LED display lighting for lead soldier collections, it is possible to illuminate hundreds of pieces at once, whether they include battalions marching in lockstep, or small skirmishes of fighters exchanging blows. People who collect these small models don’t just want them for their appearance or rarity.

They also offer an excellent opportunity to exercise the imagination. Some go so far as to set up a massive action scene that takes up an entire room. With so much effort put into gathering these models, it only makes sense that they be illuminated properly.

Phantom’s Elite and Ultra diode fixtures are considered by many to be the best LED display lighting for lead soldier collections available. That’s because they produce an intense level of illumination that can be softened using glare shields and precise metering. This means that hundreds of pieces can be illuminated with a single run of fixtures without having to worry about glare.

If the models are placed inside a cabinet, Phantom’s fixtures are a perfect fit concealed behind a piece of trim mounted to the leading edge of the shelving. If placed on a platform outside of the cabinet, the fixtures can be mounted along the edges of the platform and bathe the setup in sharp illumination.

Trophy Cabinets

The impact that lighting can have on trophy cabinets is incredible, as properly placed fixtures can create a brilliant look. No matter the sport or activity, these mementos are made to be displayed, with lustrous metallic finishes and intricate designs. Premium lighting is a natural pairing with these subjects, but it has to be set up correctly or there will be an overabundance of glare. The wrong fixtures can also make the display appear off, altering the color of the subjects or taking away their beautiful sheen.

Phantom’s Vertical Mount (VM) series of LED lights are usually the best fit in trophy cabinets, primarily because these display cases are built with glass shelving. Because glass shelving allows transmission of light, installers try to meter the fixtures so that they don’t fill the case with too much illumination.

The VM series is ideal for this approach because it can be shaped using one of Phantom’s aiming trims. With an aiming trim, the fixtures will remain out of sight and will emit illumination in angles ranging from 83 to 186 degrees. The VM series, like Phantom’s other lighting technologies, can be managed further with dimmer controls. Ambient illumination can greatly affect how the display looks, and its intensity will change as the day progresses from morning to night.

Dimmer controls help even this lighting intensity out and ensure the display looks the way a homeowner intends at all times. This level of flexibility is hard to find in a fixture, but it’s standard for Phantom’s LED technologies. And with it, a homeowner can show off their prized mementos the way they deserve.

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Sports Memorabilia Collections

Using LED display lighting for sports memorabilia is the best way to infuse life into precious memories and valuable items. A collection of sports memorabilia is worth so much more than its monetary value alone – it represents passion.

It can serve as a bridge between generations, linking family members with beloved memories of teams celebrated and exciting moments witnessed. Phantom’s diode fixtures can reawaken this feeling with sophisticated and beautiful illumination.

LED display lighting for sports memorabilia has to be powerful enough to make the subject easy to see, and make it easy to read any text that may be present. These items often come with a small piece of literature that explains the subject’s context, and everyone wants to see those autographs and information cleanly. The best way to bring out these items is with a set of Ultra fixtures, customized to emit natural white illumination.

Phantom’s Ultra fixtures are among the brightest diode fixtures on the market, producing about 200 lumens of output per linear foot. With a single run of Ultra fixtures, it is possible to illuminate an entire cabinet or shelf of precious mementos, and because natural white is the ideal temperature for rendering color, every item will look just like it did when it was on the field.

For a more detailed guide to lighting football display cases specifically, please click here.

Silver Collections

Although it’s a bit of a challenge using LED display lighting for silver collections, the effort is worth it. Illuminating metal is more difficult than other materials because it is so reflective. If the fixtures aren’t positioned properly or are too intense, the metal pieces will look like fixtures themselves, bouncing so much illumination that it will take away from the look. Fortunately, there are a few methods Phantom has available that can overcome this issue.

Reducing glare is usually about positioning the fixtures correctly and softening the illumination so that it isn’t focused on any one area. When installing LED display lighting for silver collections, it is best to offset the fixtures so that they do not bounce glare right back into the observer’s face. And by offsetting the fixtures, it is possible to maintain the brilliant luster that precious metals are known for.

Glare can also be reduced with glare shields, which slightly diffuse the illumination and make it more uniform over the beam’s spread. Glare shielding isn’t always the best choice for materials that aren’t highly reflective, but with metal, they can be highly effective at maintaining a high level of output without bouncing too much glare. By using these simple techniques, it is possible to show off precious, lustrous metal without having to worry about blinding people with their brilliance.

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Firearm Collections

LED display lighting for gun collections is a natural fit, as diode fixtures can be customized to fit nearly any space or design and can do so without endangering the firearms. People take a lot of pride in their firearms, in their form, function, and historic significance. Diode fixtures can bring out the best aspects of every firearm, which differs from one gun to the next. They come in an amazing spectrum of sizes, colors and styles, so every installation needs to be custom-tailored.

When using LED display lighting designed for gun collections, the fixtures have to work with how the firearms are arranged. If they are mounted butt side down, vertical mount fixtures may be the most attractive option. If they are suspended inside a cabinet, the strongest look may be filling the entire cabinet will soft illumination. If the firearms largely consist of long rifles and shotguns that are made with wooden stocks, consider a warmer color temperature, as this will work best with the dark wood and metal hues. If there are a number of firearms plated with reflective metals, like chrome, a natural white color temperature will work best with the subject.

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Ivory Collections

Ivory collections are some of the most beautiful displays in the world, but they are also a challenge to preserve and light properly. Because the material they are made from is organic, it will deteriorate in the presence of moisture, heat, and intense light. Illumination designers have to keep this in mind when assisting a homeowner who is setting up fixtures for their display. It’s not just about the perfect fixture placement, it’s also about placing the perfect fixtures.

When lighting ivory collections, control is paramount. The homeowner should be able to dictate the output level of the lights at all times. If the fixtures are too bright, they will cause the material to bleach, which will often remove finer details that should be preserved. Keeping the lighting low is therefore a focus of the installation. This can be done with dimmer controls and glare shields which blunt the hard edges of the light and keep hotspots from forming. However, only a select few premium fixtures are compatible with both technologies, and Phantom’s Elite and Ultra LED lights are among them.

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Gem & Mineral Collections

Collections of gems, minerals, jewels, or rocks can be some of the most beautiful items to display, but also the most complex to properly illuminate because of the way the multi-faceted surfaces interact so strongly with light.

For more detailed information about lighting your gem or mineral display, please click here.

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