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Why is Phantom the interior decorators best source of specialty art lighting product supply?

Because we look at ourselves as an extension of your creativity, not a vendor of parts that you have to force fit on top of your vision.

We custom manufacture lighting for all of our display, shelf, furniture, and decorative strip lights to the exact specifications of your interior design strategies. You can call us directly at our factory and speak to an artwork lighting design expert who will give you a free consultation over the phone on how to properly illuminate art. During this consultation, we will learn exactly what you intend to do for your client, and then locate an agent in our lighting supply network who can best assist your specific application.

Why not simply go to a lighting supply store when I need lights for my clients?

If you go to a lighting supply depot, you will no doubt find countless fixtures that are exquisitely designed and perform exceptionally. The problem you will run into, however, is finding the right accent lighting fixture out of all these choices that will provide a low profile fit for a decorative cabinet, book case, valance, display, or cove you intend to light. Even if you come close, there will still be technical challenges associated with installing it, as many of these lights have transformers that are difficult, if not impossible to conceal.

With Phantom Lighting, you can simply send us some photographs and detailed dimensions of what you want us to light and we will supply you with hidden linear lighting strips that will be invisible to the client and operate on low-voltage transformers that remain unseen. This results in a fully dimmable, energy efficient luxury luminance for your design creations that looks great in your client’s home—while saving them money all the while!

Do you supply picture lights or over the frame lights for paintings?

We actually provide you with something much better—your choice of six model designs for our Phantom Contour Projector. These projectors are much smaller and more chic in design build than larger, bulkier equivalents. They have the very best filtration and lens adjustment mechanisms on the market, making it possible to strip the light of all harmful UV and IR rays and render it safe for even the most rare and delicate of oil paintings.

The Phantom Contour hides near the ceiling and delivers an invisible beam of light that also remains hidden until it strikes a painting, sculpture, or rare furniture arrangement. This results in the lit-from-within effect which has made us famous for museum-quality art lighting fixtures and sculpture lighting all over the world.

What if I want to hang art in my client’s den and they already have eyeball fixtures in the ceiling?

No problem. We can supply you with a retrofit art lighting projector that you can install in the same sockets the eyeball fixtures currently occupy. Not only will this represent a simple upgrade in terms of switching fixtures, but it will also avoid the need to cut into your client’s ceiling to install the projector.

We manufacture fine art projectors here in our Houston, Texas headquarters, then distribute them through a network of nationwide lighting suppliers and sales representatives that fans out throughout all 50 states.

Please contact us toll-free at (800) 863-1184 or request a quote using our online form!

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