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Lighting equipment and lighting design services are very important to Houston interior designers. In many cases, the secondary services a decorator brings in under his or her invoice adds a certain specialized expertise décor. With the right levels of light, both glare and shadow are dispelled, and the texture and color of artwork springs to light.

Phantom Lighting Agents are available to help the Houston interior designer utilize some of the world’s most unique and aesthetically superb lighting equipment on the market. While a great many Texas designers are already working with Phantom display lighting products, many are still discovering us for the first time.


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If you are currently working with an interior designer or design firm, we recommend you point them in our direction if they encounter any of the following scenarios relative to fine art and display lighting systems. Your interior designer will most likely recommend new artwork as part of his or her overall plan for creating a new look within your home.

Private art collections very often transform an interior from plain and livable into a realm of true sophistication. The key is to find lighting equipment that will maximize the impact of your new artwork without damaging the artwork itself or interfering with general room lighting. Any Houston interior designer will tell you that the two biggest challenges encountered in artwork lighting are shadows and glare.

A professional art collector will also add that the greatest technological threat to art lighting is ultraviolet radiation and infrared heat. Incandescent lights tend to produce a great deal of heat, and as energy efficient as fluorescent are, they cannot be used for art lighting.

This is why retail grade art lights of any kind are almost never recommended. Instead, specialized equipment is needed to maximize the presentation of your pieces and prolong the life of the pieces themselves. Phantom Contour Projectors offers your interior design specialist(s) a sophisticated, low profile light source that will both protect and magnify the handwork of its specialists. Consisting of a low profile fixture that hugs the ceiling unobtrusively out of the viewer’s line of site, the Contour art projector lights direct a tightly focused beam of light from a halogen lamp whose luminance has been filtered and stripped of UV an IR radiation. This light remains hidden from view until it strikes the object and causes it to glow with an aura soft, ambient light.

Your interior designer can install one or more Contour Projector models (we have six different lines to choose from) to illuminate oils, acrylics, lithographs, prints, professional photography, and 3-dimensional artwork and statuary. Your interior designer may also install one or more displays in your home.

These display cases might contain anything from antiques to contemporary collectibles. Puck lights and standard linear strip lights often do not work in these environments due to their large physical size they are too difficult to conceal. Linear lighting strips are much better. These lights are easy to control because they are come equipped with dimmers, and often used to evenly distribute illumination and create unattractive combinations of light and shadows to collectibles, and displays. If your interior designer is facing such a challenge, he or she can contact our Houston headquarters and speak with one of our linear display lighting experts about custom lighting strips.

Phantom shelf lighting strips feature panted glare shields that prevents excessive spill light from dominating the interiors of shelving and cabinets. Festoon lamps housing incandescent, xenon, or led lamps create an ambient glow within displays that enshrouds contents in a radiant luminance. Because each Phantom linear LED light strip is custom fitted to a specific set of dimensions in a shelf, case, valance, or cove, many areas in your home where your interior designer will be working can be showcased magnificently with our linear strips. Their inherently smaller design, combined with our custom manufacturing process, make Phantom display, cabinet, and cove lighting strips virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

Your Houston area interior designer can apply our linear strips in any number of applications. It is not so much a matter of what you can do with our lighting products, but rather a matter of how the flexibility of our engineering and control mechanisms can function as a direct extension of your interior design consultant’s creativity and sense of aesthetics.

Phantom lighting is located in Houston Texas and works directly with interior designers to assist with lighting art, cabinets and coves.  Our partnership with the ASID is strong and we value our relationship with the American Society of Interior Designers. If we can be assistance, please contact us at 713-863-1184 or toll free at 1-800-863-1184 to start a discussion.

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