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Without exception, the cost of LED replacement lamps is much less than that of retrofitting an entire strip lighting system.

LED replacement lamps for festoons are easy to install and snap right into place without the need of a technician. They will upgrade any linear light strips that operate on 12VAC current. In most instances, it makes more sense to keep your existing lighting strips and simply upgrade them with LED lamps. The following FAQ represents a number of key benefits led replacements pass on to display lighting users.

What is the most important benefit Phantom LED replacement bulbs offer upgrade clients?

The primary advantage Phantom holds over competing manufacturers is our technology’s compatibility with AC incandescent and Xenon strip lighting system. We engineer our LED replacement lamps to work on existing AC linear strips with  compact, easily concealed metal transformers. We also engineer these lamps with a higher quality LED bulb replacement than the type normally found in other lamps.

Many low-grade diodes made by our competitors produce dimmer levels of light that sacrifice quality to achieve cost savings. On the other hand, Phantom, one of the top lighting manufacturers, provides a much higher-grade lamp with an output range of 42 lumens on the low end to 50 lumens on the high end. This is 5 times higher than any lamp fitted with LED replacement lamps.

How do lighting levels produced by LED replacement bulbs compare with incandescent and Xenon luminescence?

If you use our technology, the light output will be the same. This is due to Phantom’s unique method used to manufacture low voltage LED lamps. Each unit consists of three diodes placed in close proximity to one another that generate a combined, radiant field of high intensity, low-voltage light. These LED’s are engineered to operate at minimal amperage levels and ultimately replace 5-7 watt incandescent and Xenon festoons altogether.

In effect, Phantom LED replacement lamps constitute a synthesis of high intensity lighting and low-profile equipment. At only 1.7 watts, a Phantom LED lamp generates the same luminosity as a 7-watt festoon while at the same time reducing power consumption by 400%! This makes Phantom LED strip lighting lamps the preferred LED replacement lamps favored by lighting design firms who wish to maximize aesthetics by minimizing fixture visibility using strip lighting products.

In general, what are the main cost benefits of LED replacement upgrades?

LED’s use less power than all other lamps and produce no harmful UV rays. With only trace signatures of heat, they have become a favorite for commercial lighting displays that showcase sensitive items.

A Phantom LED replacement bulb will use only 20% of the energy required by an incandescent bulb — a significant decrease in power costs for homeowners and businesses alike. At 50,000 average hours, LED replacements reduce lamping cycles over incandescent festoon lamps by 500% and xenon festoon lamps by 200%. It is common for our units to perform consistently at optimal levels for up to ten years.

Are there any other benefits I can expect from LED bulb replacement?

If you own a business and are seeking to obtain LEEDS certification, you can lower your watts per square foot calculation by upgrading incandescent and Xenon festoon lamps using Phantom LED replacement lamps. These bulbs snap easily into place and do not require a technician to install.

Phantom Lighting Systems is a Houston based lighting manufacturer who specializes in LED cabinet lighting and lighting projectors for the illumination of art.

Phantom technology is the ghost of the lighting machine for both commercial and residential clients who prefer to see the light, not the fixture, when showcasing their fine art and prized collectibles, products, and rare books.

Phantom manufacturer representatives and lighting agents are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. US customers can call toll free to learn more about Phantom Lighting at 800-863-1184.

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