Phantom Lighting System now has Lighting Agents and Lighting Representatives in 40 States including Mexico and Canada. Sales of our linear lighting strips and projector lights have never been stronger.

Phantom lighting representatives and Phantom lighting agents offer lighting design and application assistance to architects, interior designers, engineers, lighting designers, and other specifiers of lighting. They “call on” specifiers, contractors and distributors, ensuring that product information is made available and catalogs are kept up-to-date. Once the lighting for a project is specified, the rep negotiates the price for the product on behalf of the actual manufacturer, and sells the product to the electrical distributor.



Phantom Lighting agents and sales representatives also assist with warranty services and make sure that the products they have sold perform properly. This includes working with professionals throughout the design, rough-in and trim-out process if necessary. The goal is achieving 100% satisfaction for all Phantom Lighting customers.

To learn more about Phantom Lighting products such as the Contour Projector or Lighting Strips please contact a lighting agent in your city or state for more information. They will be happy to schedule an appointment, drop off some literature or catalog and arrange for a product demonstration. Phantom Lighting is all about seeing the light – not the fixture!

Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-863-1184, visit our website, lighting blog or online lighting showroom to discover which Phantom Lighting products and models will best adapt to your particular lighting needs. Together, the professionals at Phantom Lighting will ensure that your next project is an astounding success!

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