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We are often asked by our clients about lighting sculptures with the Phantom Contour Projector. They want to know if it can be done, how it is done, and how difficult is the process?

Frankly, shaping the light to fit the exact contour of a sculpture is one of the most challenging installations to master. It takes patience, determination and a desire to see the end result. However, Phantom Lighting has come up with a unique solution to this challenge – the hand-cut brass template.

How does it work? Hand cutting a brass slide to fit an intricate sculpture requires the right tools. A small set of jewelers files and sharp cutting scissors. The process is completely trial and error. That means it is not easy, but not impossible for a rookie. We have detailed template cutting instructions to help guide you through the process.

The brass slide pictured below was cut to light a wall-hung Miro sculpture.

An irregularly-shaped work of art is precisely illuminated by a hand cut brass template

A small vertical slot was cut in the slide to find the target and establish orientation. Then, using scissors, small triangular cuts were made on both sides in several locations to establish cutting references. The remaining brass removal was done with jewelers files to replicate the intricate details of the Miro sculpture – this was an eight hour project and required several attempts to get it right.

Positioning of the light is critical to the process. Before installing the light it is a good idea to test how the light hits the sculpture and more importantly what shadows are created. The shadows are an indicator of what will have to be cut on the template to properly outline the sculpture in light. In some instances, the sculpture may have intricate appendages or minute projections that are simply impossible to cut out. In that case, all you can do is outline the sculpture in a controlled pool of light. Others can simply be cut out to illuminate only the sculpture without light on the wall or pedestal. The results are stunning!

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