By manipulating focused light to follow the contour of art, a homeowner can produce one of the rarest illumination effects around today. Illumination designers are always looking for new ways to show off paintings, sculptures, and other creative subjects, as museums and galleries need new techniques to properly showcase the pieces on display.

One of these advanced techniques is getting rid of the spill illumination, which is the portion of the beam that doesn’t contact the subject, but the surface it is mounted on instead. It may sound like a minor thing, but the impact is enormous, and easy to produce with expert help.

Setting Up Contemporary Art Lighting With The Right Fixture

The trick to manipulating focused light to follow the contour of art is to use a mask over an optical framing projector. Optical framing projectors are extremely high quality fixtures that produce directional illumination. They are also completely concealable, which means they can produce their beautiful effect while remaining out of sight. The halogen beam produced is shaped by a pair of adjustable shutters or with a customized metal slide that is cut to fit the subject’s edges. This screens out all spill illumination, brightly illuminating the subject while keeping its surroundings in the dark, so to speak. The intense contrast makes the subject appear as if it is lit from within and glowing. The process is compatible with paintings and sculptures of any size and shape, and can create a strong centerpiece for a homeowner that wants to show off a prized collection.