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Why do so many under cabinet lights produce so much glare?

Lower grade commercial cabinet light strips are manufactured with insufficient glare shielding. Many use frosted lenses intended to soften the intensity of the light and minimize excessive. While they do a good job in keeping the light below levels that would actually blind a person, they do not provide sufficient shielding to completely eliminate the indirect glare that that can reflect off of granite, marble, or metal surfaces. Phantom strip lighting, on the other hand manufactures under cabinet lights that eliminate both direct and indirect glare altogether. Unlike some puck lights that are partly visible, Phantom LED light fixtures are so compact they lie completely hidden from view. We do not use frosted lenses on our lamps because they create too much of a “fuzzy” look to the light. Instead, we use glare shields specifically engineered to anticipate the wise variety of counter tops in custom homes and commercial environments. This completely eliminates glare while maintaining optimal clarity. As a commercial under cabinet lighting manufacturer, we take hiding the light source very seriously.

Why do some under cabinet lights actually shine light into your eyes?

Larger fixtures cannot support their own weight in many cases without the “back rest” of the wall, thus creating the forward throw of annoying, excessive light. Phantom is a lighting manufacturer of under cabinet lighting strips to more efficiently mount beneath the front end of the cabinet underbelly. Our engineers can design this feature into our strip lighting due to their extremely compact size. Our lights, by contrast, strategically angle the light from the front of the cabinet onto the workspace. Our unique lamping designs create a more ambient pattern of luminosity that cascades downward in an even layer of light that is clear but not blinding. This creates a preferred status for Phantom as an under cabinet lighting manufacturer in commercial, residential, and even industrial domains. Not only do we provide superior positioning and lighting, but we offer some of the most cost-effective lighting technology available anywhere in the world.

Phantom manufacturers under cabinet lighting fixtures with several lamping options that save clients on power costs.

Our entire linear low voltage strip light series are manufactured as either 24VAC or 12VAC products. In simple terms, this means higher-end lighting lamps such as xenon that normally consume greater amounts of electricity by design now use less power when installed on a Phantom transformer. Larger fixtures cannot support their own weight in many cases without the “back rest” of the wall, thus creating the forward throw of annoying, excessive linear strip. We also offer UC or task lights with incandescent bulbs for more standard kitchen and break room lighting, and we have recently introduced superb LED replacement festoon lamps that can competitively match quality to industry mainstay light sources at only 80% of the power consumption rates of previous technology. This allows you to replace LED puck lights that often create an eyesore without sacrificing on power savings.

Lighting agents are available throughout United States, Canada, Central America and South America to consult personally with individuals and commercial entities on an infinite number of customization that make our team of under cabinet light manufacturers the most personable group of customization and design experts in lighting engineering.

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