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When the lighting design team at Craig Robert Associates Inc needed something special at an upscale commercial development project in Dallas Texas, they turned to Phantom Contour Projectors.

Lighting designers at Craig Roberts Associates Inc wanted to create a very unique and impressive lighting display that would catch the attention of potential tenants, clients and guests. The office space was designed as a leasing center that included an extensive Asian art collection, marketing center, and several meeting rooms to entertain potential clients.

Between rooms, architects created a series of hidden pocket doors that could be opened for large events and closed to create smaller venues. Rather than attaching raised letters to the door panels, the lighting designers used a series of recessed optical framing projectors that would project the Asian symbols on the wall. Through a sophisticated lighting control system, scenes were created to turn off the lights when the doors were open and back on when the doors were closed.

To accomplish this unique lighting effect, custom Rosco gobos were fabricated from digital files provided by the architect. A negative image was silk screened on Rosco glass gobos designed to fit perfectly inside Phantom projectors. The custom gobos allowed the designers to achieve a clean floating effect and separation between brushstrokes, without unsightly bridges created by standard metal pattern gobos.

Phantom Projectors transform the science of lighting installation into the art of illumination. In the past, lighting installation professionals shied away from framing projectors that required complicated lens selection, large fixture enclosures, and the necessity to cut custom templates. Projectors had a bad reputation before Phantom entered the market. Now, however, our patented optical technology has changed the nature of fine art lighting, not only with proprietary lighting techniques, but also by improving process flow for lighting installation professionals.

Our reputation continues to grow from coast to coast as more and more installers choose Phantom Lighting over every other form of fine art lighting projector because of its sophisticated delivery housed in robust, easy-to-install mountings.

If you are interested in learning more about Phantom Lighting, our Contour Projector or LED Lighting Strips, feel free to call a lighting representative in your area for a complimentary on site demonstration. You may also call our customer service department at 800-863-1184 for information or design assistance.

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