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With valuable art, not just any framing light will do. Most fixtures aren’t designed with things like oil paintings, photographs, tapestries, frescoes or lithographs in mind. They either produce too much or poorly arranged illumination that overwhelms the subject instead of bringing out its flourishes.

Many homeowners mistake more for better in this instance, but this is a sure way to make the subject look worse, not better. Not many people take into account the effect of spill illumination, either, but this an important consideration.


The best way to show off art is with a framing light that helps it stand out. After all, what’s the point of displaying a piece if it isn’t going to garner any attention? Phantom’s projectors provide this visual punch by eliminating spill light from the display. While it is fine in most situations, spill illumination has a tendency to dull the edges of a piece, making it harder to discern it from its surroundings. It’s a subtle effect, but it is enough to keep a piece of art from realizing its full potential. By removing all spill illumination, only the face of the piece is brightened up. This defines the boundaries of the painting, photograph or sculpture as well, creating the kind of contrast needed to help the piece pop off the wall. The effect is incredible and makes the subject look like its glowing or lit from within. And it’s something that Phantom can make possible with any installation.

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