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The different types of art lighting fixtures for illumination can vary greatly and there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing art lighting fixtures. The display of artwork can do a lot to impact the way it is viewed. An incorrect choice can lead to a washed out look, colors actually fading, or glare. Over time, the colors will be leached if art is placed in the sun or if the illumination is pointing directly at it, rather than being angled. For these reasons it is important to take into consideration the medium that is being displayed. Is the piece two dimensional? A sculpture will have different requirements than a painting. Oil paintings are subject to glare when placed directly in illumination. Often, angling the lights can solve the issue of glare.

Many of the fixture options are designed to showcase the art, and the top three bulb types are incandescent, halogen and LED. Some bulbs, like halogens, burn hotter than others. This means that certain types of illumination will have to be positioned farther from the piece, so that the display materials are not harmed. Halogen sources are being phased out for LED lighting sources and this is no exception for many art lights including recessed framing projectors.

The type and framing of the artwork will also factor into which illumination choices will create the most appealing display. The width of a frame should be taken into consideration so that it does not cast shadows onto the image. Frames can be handy, and the fixtures can often be mounted directly on the frame.

The advantage of choosing art lighting fixtures is that they are designed to exhibit the pieces in the most flattering way. The true colors and form can be easily admired with the proper lighting.

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