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There are dozens of fine art lighting fixtures to choose from, but they won’t work in every setting and with every painting. And some products are far better than most of the technologies out there. For example, frame-mounted lamps can work well enough for most framed paintings, but recessed and ceiling mount fixtures can provide the same quality of illumination with added safety and improved aesthetics. Picking out the right product may take a little trial and error and some careful planning, but the effect will be well worth it.

There are a lot of ways a homeowner can use illumination to bring out a painting, but the gold standard of fine art lighting fixtures are optical framing projectors. Optical framing projectors install inside the ceiling and can produce a zero sight line appearance. They also combine raw output with precision, as Phantom’s projectors pair powerful halogen engines with a unique lensing apparatus to focus the illumination effectively.

Perhaps the best feature of an optical framing projector is how their illumination can be shaped to the subject. Eliminating spill illumination is not necessary, but it can produce an eye-catching effect if done right. Phantom’s projectors can be fitted with a cut metal slide or a pair of adjustable shutters to complete this effect, and this is the ideal way to show off a painting. Because only the painting is lit, it will stand out clearly as the room’s centerpiece.

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