Architects and builders order Phantom TL series linear strips anytime they need a source of under cabinet kitchen lighting capable of meeting all the complex demands of custom kitchen cabinet lighting. Our diversity of trim and lamping options makes this unique task light adaptable to the under surface of any cabinet, and its exceptionally small size makes it very easy to conceal behind the front lip of the cabinet.

We built this versatility into our under kitchen cabinet lighting fixtures because we know how important countertops are to custom kitchens. Just as they function as much needed work areas, counter tops are also foundational design elements.

Builders will go to exorbitant lengths and invest expense to install a marble or granite counter that sets the entire tone for interior kitchen design. Because this is such an important room, the appearance of kitchen countertops often plays a pivotal role in establishing home sale price.

The two greatest enemies of countertop aesthetic are reflective glare and shadow. Glare creates white spots that can irritate the eyes of people handling utensils such as knives. Shadows make it hard to distinguish between shades of color, which in turn makes it hard to see food products clearly. Uneven kitchen undercabinet lighting diminishes the aesthetic of custom stone work that characterizes many modern kitchens. To combat these enemies, architects must use under cabinet kitchen lighting fixtures engineered with better trims and more precise angles of light distribution. They must also turn to any number of both traditional and non-traditional festoon lamp designs in order to find the very best color temperature to match to the particular material and design of the countertop they are illuminating.

Phantom lighting strips are intended to function as linear templates that can be customized to specific lamping and trim requirements on a case by case basis. For example, beam distribution angles range from 88 degrees to 166 degrees, depending on which trim you select. Because our under kitchen cabinet lights mount on the forward under surface of the cabinet, the light shines backward across the countertop. While this does not reflection, most of the light that is reflected travels away from the eyes and illuminates the backsplash. This is a much better method lighting a counter than using puck fixtures, which are notorious for creating white spots beneath cabinets. A concealed source also results in more attractive presentation than one produced by visible fluorescent fixtures. In spite of the energy-saving qualities of fluorescents, they invariably create an eyesore by shining glare toward the viewer, and by visibly protruding below the cabinet surface.

A better aesthetic luminance that also saves on energy costs is the new Phantom LED festoon lamp. It is capable of producing a lumens output equivalent to a 5 watt xenon lamp, yet it operates at only 1.7 watts. Its patented heat sink technology draws forward throw heat away from the cabinet and the counter, making this a truly cool-burning source of illumination. Capable of reducing energy costs by as much as 60 percent, the Phantom LED festoon gives homeowners he option of leaving their under kitchen cabinet lights on as decorative luminaires for extended periods of time. Our warmest color temperature, the 2800K, is a close approximation to xenon, and one that is highly favored by builders who install marble and granite countertops. Cooler counter top colors, such as white and off white, are often lit with our 2950K series LED cabinet lighting.

For architects who prefer color temperature ranges between 2600-3000K, Phantom also installs xenon lamps in its linear strips in order to provide that traditional, luxurious lighting effects that xenon has always been famous for. Although the lamp life is much shorter than that of LED (7500 hours as opposed to 40,000 to 50,000 hours), dimmers on our cabinet lights let users offset normal power consumption, driving down operating costs and extending lamp life as a result. Dimmer controls also offer the added aesthetic matching decorative and task lighting levels to precisely compliment general kitchen lighting.

Phantom under kitchen cabinet lighting strips are custom-made to fit the exact specifications of every cabinet undersurface. Trims and lamping options are based on cabinet surface area, material build, color, and decorative pattern. These options are chosen with the help of a Phantom Lighting specialist who knows your industry and can help you match our technology to functional and decorative expectations of your clients.

Our in-cabinet lighting supply facility is located in Houston, Texas. We then distribute these nationwide through our network of lighting suppliers that encompasses all 50 states into cities like Keahole, HI (KOA), Dallas, TX (DFW), El Paso, TX (ELP), Duluth, MN (DLH), Charlevoix, MI (CVX), Montrose, CO (MTJ), Telluride, CO (TEX), Dubuque, IA (DBQ), Mason City, IA (MCW), and Chicago, IL (MDW). We also service clients internationally, with lighting manufacturer representatives working out of Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We invite you to contact us toll free 800-863-1184 to obtain more information on all of these options. You can also request literature on our main website, visit our mobile website, or read through the many informative summaries and FAQs located on our lighting blog. All of these resources contain a wealth of information about our custom; low-voltage lighting products that are the dream come true of art lighting designers and cabinet lighting builders on two major continents.