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Upgrade your Halogen Systems to LED with our Retrofit Products

Lighting design, like many other industries, has come a long way with the advent of new technology. As technology has evolved and LED lighting sources have become the premiere option for almost all applications, Phantom Lighting has kept up with market changes and our products are now manufactured with only LED technology. However, we understand that we have many existing customers across the world with older model halogen Phantom systems in their homes and businesses, so we’ve come up with LED retrofit options for all of our products.

Older halogen light fixtures put out a lot of heat and therefore pose a variety of safety hazards, from burn risk to the potential for fire. Cutting-edge LED illumination technology is highly precise and versatile, but it’s not only the superior choice in terms of aesthetics, it is also much more efficient, safe, and reliable compared to older systems.

Upgrading your Optical Framing Projectors:

Phantom Lighting now offers LED conversion kits for all our projector models including those with square or round housings, as well as surface mount models. This is not a simple lamp change, but a major upgrade that improves light levels, energy efficiency and overall performance. The conversion process involves changing the electrical power supply, updating the optical system and installing a high output LED light engine for maintenance free operation. The unique tri-dimming driver is compatible with forward phase (MLV), reverse phase (ELV) and 0-10V dimming.

There are many great benefits to upgrading your optical framing projectors with LED light engines

Art display lighting operates for hours at a time, so it must be efficient and it must perform for a long time. LED technology offers both, at a level that no other lighting option can match. Your fine art will also be safer, as LED lights do not produce damaging heat or UV rays.

For decades, the concern with LED fine art lighting is that it couldn’t match halogen in terms of aesthetic performance. That’s no longer an issue with LEDs, which have undergone an incredible amount of development in recent years. High performance LEDs, in particular, offer the high-end output and optics that museums, galleries and art collectors demand.

The Cree XHP series is one such high performance LED, and it achieves some impressive rates of luminous density with its engineering. Specifically, the XHP series can emit nearly 300 lumens per watt, making it one of the brightest commercial LED’s on the market. This brightness is critical for separating the subject from its surroundings, ensuring it commands attention wherever it is placed.

A picture light with LED technology can also achieve high marks on the color rendering index, or CRI. The standard for art lights is at least a 90+ rating, and LED framing projectors are among the few fixtures that can achieve it. With their excellent color rendering capabilities, LED art lights can produce the subtle hues that are found in paintings and prints.

Upgrading your Cabinet Lighting Systems:

For existing customers with halogen or incandescent festoon cabinet display lighting systems, we offer LED festoon lamps that are easy to retrofit. All you need to do to install our new technology is to remove your existing lamps from each socket on the linear strip and install the Phantom replacement lamps.

There are many benefits to implementing LED technology in your cabinet lighting systems and you don’t have to sacrifice anything in terms of aesthetics. Phantom’s 2700K LED option brings LED festoon lamps closer than ever to the warm color temperatures standard to incandescent light bulbs and to which we have all become accustomed. In fact, the color rendering index of these new festoon lamps brings lighting quality very close to that of xenon, which has historically been our most popular lamping option for cabinet lighting.

When it comes to efficiency, longevity, and savings, LED light sources can’t be beat. LED cabinet lights, like most other LED lights, have a rated life of around 30,000 hours, though many will last far longer. How long is 30,000 hours? If operated 24 hours a day, a light rated for 30,000 hours will last for nearly 3.5 years, and if operated for 12 hours a day, that light will provide almost 7 full years of illumination.

In terms of safety, LED lights don’t produce heat like the incandescent bulbs in our previous cabinet lighting systems, which eliminates any burn risk to curious fingers. The lack of forward-thrown heat also keeps your display objects safer, which is especially important when illuminating displays of prized collections.

Upgrading your Cove Lighting Systems:

Replacing cove lights can be very difficult and accrue unexpectedly high service costs when the time comes to contract a replacement crew. There are numerous advantages to using Phantom retrofit LED festoon lamps for cove lighting feature a 50,000 hour lamp life. This means you may never have to replace your bulbs once you install them. Not only does this save you money on equipment replacement, but it also saves you money on labor.

If you are a building manager of a hotel or casino, this allows you to upgrade a very important component of your interior lighting once and for all. You can then set your mind to other matters of improvement and operations without having to worry about the cove lights again. If you are a residential remodeling specialist, you can assure your clients that their home will be better lit than ever without having to spend more money on repeat service calls or ongoing, inconvenient replacements.

Regardless of whether you work in the residential or commercial service arena, one thing is certain—Phantom makes the choice to use our retrofit LED festoon lamps for cove lighting simple and convenient so you can rapidly service the needs of your client without extra expense or complications.

Backward Compatibility with Existing Linear Fixtures Is the Key to Much of this Convenience

Phantom Lighting does not require you to change out your existing fixtures to use our retrofit LED festoon lamps for cove lighting. All you need to do to install our new technology is to remove your existing lamps from each socket on the linear strip. Then, install Phantom replacement lamps in the sockets and power on the strips.

Phantom cove lighting offers more than replacement cost savings with our retrofit LED festoon lamps for cove lighting. We offer high-end aesthetics that place LED on an equal playing field with xenon cove lighting. The warm color that was once exclusively produced only by xenon can now be generated by LED lights as well. Our warm tone lamps look identical to xenon equivalents, but they use only 0.6 watts of power per lamp, compared to 5-7 watts for each xenon lamp. This represents an enormous energy cost savings because our lights require far less power to operate. Furthermore, lower wattage allows Phantom retrofit LED festoon lamps to operate without adding any heat to the room. With a cooler room, air conditioning costs are lowered along with lighting costs, compounding power cost savings even further.

Admittedly, we are not the only cove lighting manufacturer with a warm tone LED cove lighting lamp. However, Phantom LED lamps are twice as bright as any other LED Festoon on the market. Our LED lamps are unique in their ability to maintain their color temperature when they are dimmed. Rather than changing tone, they simply become less bright. This allows you to control the level of light in the room without altering its quality. Even better, Phantom retrofit LED festoon lamps for cove lighting do not require a special dimmer. Any standard dimmer used for lighting control is compatible with our transformers and will effectively raise or lower light levels at will.

If you’re interested in upgrading any of your existing Phantom fixtures to the latest and greatest LED technology, please give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or request a quote using our online form.

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