Few fixtures can provide aesthetics and functionality in a single package, but that’s what under the cabinet LED lights can do. These fixtures are usually installed in the kitchen, though they can also be effective in work areas, such as garages. What makes them so effective is their quality design, as they are unobtrusive yet an effective addition to the space at the same time.And when set up right, they can provide an extra layer of color and visual interest to a room.

Undercabinet Lights Can Be Used In A Kitchen Or Workspace

When setting up under the cabinet LED lights, the fixtures have to be concealed from view and metered properly to get the most out of the system. From a concealed position, the fixtures can produce a glow like effect that is soft and sophisticated. This effect is enhanced with the presence of glare shields built into the fixtures, and by softening the illumination, there is no chance of hotspots or sharp light contrasts taking away from the display. Still, because the fixtures are placed in close proximity to countertops, they make it easier for people to prepare food and clean with the added brightness. These systems are called task fixtures for a reason.

Phantom can execute such a system with its aiming trims and with dimmer controls, which allow homeowners to set the system’s output level and get the look they prefer. In short, Phantom has a number of tools and customization options to optimize a system, and they can be used in an endless number of combinations to produce just as many looks.