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Mood Lighting, like no other design element, is something that people are drawn to, and with measured use of it, a home or business owner can evoke any feeling they want in a space.

Homeowners often want more than a particular look from their rooms – they want the rooms to evoke a certain feeling, and that’s exactly where mood lighting comes in. Decorative fixtures can be effective at creating atmosphere in a space, but a room can only handle so much accent lighting before it feels overwhelming. With Phantom’s highly customizable product line, the fixtures you choose will work with the home’s colors, textures, and dimensions to achieve the best effect.

A well-designed lighting system elevates the overall ambiance in a room without distracting from the furniture or art that has been so carefully selected. In fact, the right lighting can dramatically enhance any piece of art without distracting from its core beauty. When lighting artwork, consider Phantom’s contour optical framing projector. This powerful LED focused light source is the perfect mood lighting solution for any décor. With multiple masking methods available, the light can be shaped to perfectly fit the contour of any piece of art without any spillage onto the walls behind it.

Phantom’s mood lighting is usually delivered through its LED strip fixtures. When installed in a shelving unit or cabinet structure, objects on display are seen in a whole new light – both metaphorically and literally. Proper cabinet lighting is one of the best ways to change the mood of a room because it adds a subtle elegance that just cannot be achieved through overhead or accent lighting. When placed within an architectural cove on the ceiling, there is a glow from above that casts down onto the entire room, increasing the character of the space itself.

Check out our image gallery if you are looking for real examples of mood lighting.

There are two major factors to take into consideration when setting the mood lighting of a room: temperature and brightness.

The color temperature of light evokes different feelings within visitors to a room – the warmer the light, the more cozy and relaxing the room becomes, while a cooler light inspires energy and productivity. Both the Elite and Ultra cabinet lighting systems are designed to emit soft illumination that is ideal for aesthetic purposes, and both can be configured to produce nearly any color and spread pattern a homeowner may need. People are accustomed to the warm, cozy hues of incandescent fixtures, but LEDs can also provide warm illumination, and do it with much more efficiency and reliability. In commercial settings, a business may want the sophisticated and clean feeling that comes with neutral white fixtures, and LED strips can also be configured in this way.

Brightness is the other factor involved when setting the mood in a room. Dimmer controls allow a user to raise or lower the output level of the system with little effort. If a homeowner wants to enhance a comfortable, cozy feeling, they can drop the system’s output level. Conversely, if a company wants to deliver a strong impression, it can pump up the illumination output. All of Phantom’s products come with the option of dimmer controls so that the mood of your space can change with your own.

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