Homeowners often want more than a particular look from their rooms – they want the rooms to evoke a certain feeling, and that’s where mood lighting comes in. Decorative fixtures are especially effective at creating atmosphere in a space, and they can serve as the lynchpin in this regard.However, a homeowner will need highly customizable fixtures to get the most from their system, as the fixtures will need to work with the home’s colors and dimensions to produce the desired effect.

Phantom’s mood lighting is usually delivered through its LED strip fixtures. Both the Elite and Ultra are designed to emit soft illumination that is ideal for aesthetic purposes, and both can be configured to produce nearly any color and spread pattern a homeowner may need. People are accustomed to the warm, cozy hues of incandescent fixtures, but LEDs can also provide warm illumination, and do it with much more efficiency and reliability. In commercial settings, a business may want the sophisticated and clean feeling that comes with neutral white fixtures, and LED strips can also be configured in this way.

Dimmer controls are the other major factor involved, as they can let a user raise or lower the output level of the system with little effort. If a homeowner wants to enhance a comfortable, cozy feeling, they can drop the system’s output level. If a company wants to deliver a strong impression, it can pump up the illumination output.

Illumination, like no other design mark, is something that people are drawn to, and with measured use of it, a home or business owner can evoke any feeling they want in a space.

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