For good reasons Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lighting is arguably the best choice on the market. The fixtures provide superior convenience and flexibility to homeowners and installers alike. This added convenience does not affect performance even as Phantom’s fixtures possess an impressive watt to lumen ratio. This ratio indicates the efficiency and power Phantom’s fixtures have, which is one reason they are among the best anywhere. Also, Phantom’s fixtures can easily be rearranged even after installation, affording the homeowner several options in how to present their fixtures.

Phantom’s adjustable cabinet lighting is easy to modify before and after placement. As any electrician or contractor knows, the fixtures have to fit perfectly or they will need to be replaced. Phantom ensures this isn’t a problem by communicating with the installer regarding the desired dimensions of the fixtures. If they don’t fit perfectly into place, the installer can easily adjust the fixture to fit. This design concept is universal among Phantom’s products, helps improve the aesthetics of the installation and ensures that the homeowner is getting enough illumination from his fixtures.

Adjustable fixtures are normally installed in a display cabinet so they must be pleasing to the eye. Phantom’s illumination technology, particularly its LED technology, is robust enough to evoke a range of color temperatures. This includes the warm incandescent tones that people are familiar with to pure white.

Each fixture is powered through brass contact pads attached to buss bars. The buss bars also support each shelf and can be set at varying heights. This allows a homeowner to rearrange their shelves as they see fit. Once secured, the fixture will remain concealed behind a shelf overhang that blocks the lamps from view.