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What fixtures provide the best wine cellar lighting?

Due to both their flexibility and concealment, Phantom linear cove lighting strips make ideal wine cellar lights as both direct and indirect sources of luminance.

In closed, very small environments, they perform very well as the primary light source. In larger cellars where people gather together for conversation and wine tasting, they provide excellent accent lighting that emanates from an apparently invisible source.


What is the best way to light a walk in wine cellar that resembles a long closet more than a room?

The best way to light this type of wine cellar is to mount vertical strip lights on either side of the rear interior of the door frame. The light will shine backward and light up the wine racks and bottles displayed along the back wall. This completely conceals the LED strip lights themselves, and it creates something of a mystical effect because the light seems to come out of the darkness itself and grow stronger as it moves toward the wine.

What is the best way to light a larger wine cellar designed for small gatherings?

That really depends upon the architecture and the style of your wine racks and cabinets. Because of the customized manufacture of Phantom low voltage lighting strips, the possibilities for wine cellar lighting with Phantom custom lighting strips are as many and varied as wine cellars themselves. LED indirect lighting strips are often mounted along the tops of cabinets to shine light up the wall and onto the ceiling. They can also be used for silhouette lighting by installing them at that back of wine racks, or showcase lighting within the racks to emphasize the wine label.

What type of lamps should we use for our wine cellar light strips?

Your best option is to go with Classic LED 2700K festoon lamps. These make ideal sources of both direct and indirect wine cellar lighting for a number of reasons. 2700K festoons emanate the warmest possible color temperature available in LED, making them a viable replacement for incandescent and xenon accent lighting sources. It is very important to use LED lights in any wine cellar if at all possible. LED’s do not emit harmful UV radiation, and they do not produce heat which can interfere with refrigeration. This makes them harmless to even the oldest and most sensitive of wines in your cellar.

The actual light produced by the 2700K LED replacement festoon lamp is indistinguishable from that of previous, more primitive technologies. It is much more energy efficient, and it is perfect for creating an atmosphere of warmth, color, and comfort.

How many strip light models does Phantom manufacture?

We make manufacture a wide variety custom strip light models using LED tape as well as individual festoon sockets —all of which are intended to be fabricated to the specific horizontal or vertical specifications of the surface to which they are mounted. The best to order light strips is to contact our main office and send us blueprints of your wine cellar (if available), along with a series of photographs that will help us manufacture linear lighting strips specific to the dimensions, floor plan, ceiling height, racks, and cabinetry of your wine cellar.

How can we learn more about Phantom Lighting products?

The team at Phantom Lighting would be happy to help you come up with a plan to enhance your wine collection with our LED lighting systems, just give us a call toll-free at 800-863-1184 or fill out our online request form. Our lighting manufacturing facility is located in Houston, Texas with salesmen located throughout the United States that enable us to service all of Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America and the United States including Washington DC, Nashville Tennessee, Reno Nevada. Portland Oregon, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, Tucson Arizona, Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia. Austin Texas, Dallas Texas and Palm Springs California.


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